How To Fix The Error “A DNS Entry for The Domain Existence”, Hostripples Web Hosting

How To Fix The Error “A DNS Entry for The Domain Existence”

Being a reseller or server owner of cPanel / WHM servers you will receive this error or message “DNS entry for already exists” while adding the domains to the server.

This error mainly occurred when the instance of the same domain partially exists on the server for some reason and to fix it we need to remove the entry from the server.

Then, you must remove this DNS entry from all servers in the DNS cluster to move ahead.  Follow these below-mentioned steps to solve this error.

Let’s get started!

a) Find the Username for the Domain by the command:


i)Then, kill the DNS for the Domain if you haven’tfind any user for the searched domain.


ii)Next, find the Domain under the file userdoamins

grep domain_name /etc/userdomains

These steps will help you to get a domain and kill accordingly as per your requirement.

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2) Refer below files and check if the same Domain/Unwanted Domain Exists under files:







If you’re not able to find your domain from above-mentioned steps then go through below mentioned commands to get the domain.

  1. Below command will remove the dns zone entry from named.conf and also delete the zone file for you.


  • Below command will update the user domain database of cpanel which is maintain by cpanel itself.


  • Below script will rebuild httpd configuration file to make sure that the virtual host entry is removed for the domain.


I hope with these above mentioned steps, you’ll find your domain and you can add or delete the domain accordingly.

3) Next,you can use these command to locate your domain

grep -rl “” /etc/*

grep -rl “” /var/*  

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Once you’ve removed the unwanted domains from all the paths then your new domains are ready to use. Further, you can add domains to your server without any error. Further, it’s your duty to take configuration file backup before changing the domain name servers on the servers and the above steps are subject to respected Cpanel versions only.



How To Fix The Error “A DNS Entry for The Domain Existence”, Hostripples Web Hosting
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