Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting

Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019

Now a day’s everybody is surrounded by technology and many times not every one of us is aware of how these technologies work, it is because the information becomes out of date and exhausted as there is continuous evolution in the technology, as well as changes, are happening at the fast rate.

Now if you try to search the information related to how the technology works through Books, TV or from an IT professional, then also you will not receive the appropriate answers because these things cannot stay up to date with the latest technology. So the only way is to get the information through the online medium as it is the only medium which tries to remain close to the latest updates. If you are searching for updates about technology and perceptions from the technical industry, then the first thing which you need to do is to start reading blogs which are updated time to time by the experts in that industry and who also care for delivering excellent content to the readers.

Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting

Now let’s think for a while how would the world be if the blogs were not available? The answer is that the people will not be able to share their opinions and latest views regarding the current technological scenarios.

Thus blogs are used to keep us updated regarding the technological news, sports news, and Political news and so on.

Also, the technology is evolving at a fast rate so if you have a technological blog then it must have that similar speed and also the blogger needs to be stable and quick.

Well! That was just a brief introduction regarding today’s blog which is related to “Best 6 Technical Blogs for Reader’s in2019”. We have found out 5 top technical blogs which know the capacity of the words that helps in providing the information about the newest technologies to the readers.

So let’s start with our topic of discussion:


Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting

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The App Entrepreneur is a top Technology platform related to several types of Mobile technologies like iPhone, Android and many more. If you are an Entrepreneur searching for creative ideas for developing mobile applications, then you will get all the required knowledge, reviews, and assistance about mobile app development or Mobile app Development Company on this blog.

On this blog, you will be able to read overviews and blissful case studies, which will help you in getting improved end result for your mobile application. Details of eminent mobile applications and their makers are also made available by them for the readers on a periodic basis, so as it helps their readers in staying up-to-date with the best trends in the market. They have also made available newsletter subscription facility for their readers so that they will remain up-to-date with their current blog posts, or products and services launches, or information about certain campaigns, etc.

There is one more option given on this blog – Tips and Tricks, for learning the basic concepts at the same time current management lessons. Their team has worked on different domains associated with big enterprises, with some fortune 500 companies, personal application entrepreneurs and also with a number of startup ventures.

Meet Mr. Pratik Kanada who is the chief editor at The App Entrepreneur, who manages all the current activities and also provides counseling to the team members in a positive direction. He is all the time assertive and provides creative ideas and overall shapes up the work towards excellence. He is a complete technology person, who researches, reads, and also writes on current technology trends and he himself tries to follow them in the process of application development


Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting

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Tech Commuters is a prime information technology and data proprietary which is passed on by permanent technology experts. They believe in creating exclusive and custom-made content for their readers which is useful for thorough information. Their aim is on practical information and the scope of articles is such that it can influence the readers throughout the different technological fields.

They have experienced staffs of writers, bloggers, engineers and expert freelancers who write with an intensity to provide valuable and guaranteed information. They write about a variety of topics which are related to various platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Moreover, cutting-edge technical news also impresses their writers!

At Tech Commuters “Every word counts!”


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Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting

TECHFOREVER is a blog to which we have given the second position in the list of Best Technical Blog for 2019, because it is a blog where you will find all the required information about Software’s, Antivirus, Tips and Tricks as well as new technologies, etc.

For more details & help visit- Techforever blog which is most likely visited by people of all fields. If you are looking for information about newly launched smart devices like smartphones and their features or any information related to software’s, antivirus or any new technology you will find it here. You can like them on Facebook and can view their 100% of complete visitor’ votes and also the reposts.

Techno Dossier:

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Nidhi Arora is a tech-savvy and a passionate expert with deep knowledge in web technologies. She has been a committed enthusiastic in researching the basics of high-end technologies and has written many research papers in National as well as international journals. Her research aims at artificial intelligence and its area of applications. She holds Doctorate in Neural Networks and has acquired a number of international certifications in Data Analytics. She has been inspiring, teaching and training to Computer Science students for the last two decades.

The TechnoDossier is really an excellent website for readers to learn every technology-related information. This blog provides information about know-how software, applications, and mobile and other computer-related issues. It is also a very informative website in which each post is written in a simple and understanding way. It also provides clear and helpful tips related to technological activities. It manages to simplify complicated high-tech products in such a manner that even a non-technical person can understand and relate to it!

This blog is helpful to all the level of users whether they want to know about the technical aspects or whether they are the mobile users who are technically novice and concern with shortcut or solution only. Nidhi Arora updates the blog as the new technology appears in the market. It is sure that various communities across the world enjoy the latest information and innovations in technology.


Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting

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Romit Sharma has founded and managed the TechCrack technology blog, which provides you updates regarding the current technologies through different categories like tech news, gadgets, how to use apps and software, gaming, business, marketing and stuff like that. The major aim of this blog is “to search for Tech in Everything”!

Their motto is – Crack the Technology!

Romit Sharma started blogging since 2012. In 2016 he has completed his Bachelor of Technology and due to his passion towards blogging and marketing, he started this Techcrack blog. He is experienced in digital marketing, content marketing and also in SEO. An ardent lover for new technologies and the gadgets also likes to discover new places and taking photos.

When you visit his blog you will find a number of different categories with respect to their technological platforms. Likewise, under the Gadgets category, you will find information about the latest devices, phones, etc. Under ‘How To?’ category you will get information about Tips and Tricks which are related to different topics. Under the ‘Apps & Softs’ section, you will get to know the reviews regarding different apps and also the important information about different software’s. The ‘Business’ category you will find information regarding the tips for startups and the entrepreneurs will also find useful information regarding business-related topics.

‘Marketing’ is a category under which all the marketers will be able to browse through different tactics of marketing. The intention behind this blog is to provide information on everything related to technology and I believe that you will be pleased and contented when you will visit this blog. You can like them on Facebook

Web Hosting Stuff:

Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting

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If you are looking for best technical blogs which will provide you tips related to Best Web Hosting Companies, cPanel/ WHM, security measures in cPanel/WHM and how to use them, also the tips related to cPanel vulnerability and the technology news about trending topics, then we would like you to visit this blog. You will find a large amount of stuff related to these topics. You will get all the solutions to all the types of problems related to the above topics here under one roof.

These blogs are written by Mr. Ashish Kale who is a CEO and Co-Founder of Sarps Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He started this company in 2013. You can stay connected to web Hosting stuff by liking them on Facebook, by following them on Twitter or you can subscribe to blog via email.


Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting

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Navin Rao is the founder of the Question Cage. Another word for sharing knowledge is “Question Cage” blog as it plays an important role in generating awareness among the readers about the most fascinating topics like technology and digitization. The preference given to the topics in this blog are WordPress, Social Media, Blogging, SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization and making money online and also to the some of the basic outlooks in the daily work.

Navin was born and brought up in Kolkata, India and currently, he is living in Hyderabad. He turned into a blogger in 2016 and the motto behind it was to provide the solutions to the different kinds of queries. Navin always likes to learn new things from new individual and he also likes to share his acquired knowledge with his readers! When Navin started blogging, he was not aware of the fact that blogging can be coined in many ways. He seriously didn’t have any idea about blogging at all, but he researched thoroughly and he found the origin of the blogging industry. Thus Navin started blogging and it finally culminated into his first blog i.e. Question Cage!!!

Digitech tips:

Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting

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A Digitech tip is an innovative studio expert in technology, research as well as analysis of marketing. Their team serves technologies and they are expert in understanding the trends which affect your businesses or companies or organizations for accomplishing your crucial online business goals.

Here is a blog where you will find answers to all your questions related to different topics like career, jobs, business, etc. If you think your issues could not be solved then you can visit this website and get all your issues resolved. Here you as a student can evaluate different skills and you will also get excellent guidance regarding your career because here you will find huge material for setting your goal.

Their mission is “Your Growth”. If you are not able to set your goal then they are here to help you set your goal as per your expectations. Here you will also find different job updates along with the criteria required for the job, which is the best thing for the job seekers. You can also recommend the jobs available on this website to your friends, relatives, etc. who fulfills the given criteria

Top Most Blog:

Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting

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Jai Bhatt who is a passionate blogger, as well as Digital Marketing Expert by profession, has started this blog in 2016. He is blogging since 2013 and he has written different contents by keeping the idea of writing blogs in his mind, for a lot of websites.
On this blog, you will find all the useful information about Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, different technologies like mobile apps, and trending topics.


Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting

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1Review2Day is a source of a self-sufficient news site established in 2011. Their team’s main aim is to update users with the latest news related to technology, mobile phones, electronic instruments, gadgets, drones, cameras, etc. They are expert in content administration, and digital media content, original articles provoking smart thought. 1review2day News Tribune provides English speaking people 1review2day is a comprehensive news source. The majority of their news provided by staff writers are all experts in their respective fields. Their mission is to inform, educate, and help the global tech community by providing real-time updates on technology and regulations development.

SEO and Web Services:

Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting

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If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all the tips and tricks related to your SEO and Web design then you must visit the SEO and Web Service website. The objective behind developing this website was to offer a single platform to the people where they can find the answer to all their problems related to digital marketing, SEO and Web Service. They also have one of the largest SEO databases found ever in the market.

You will find a perfect blend of experience and creativity which makes sure that within a short period of time your website will get ranked at the top place on the SERP. They are best in the field of SEO and have been working in this field since last several years at the same time they have accomplished successful results for their customers from around the world.

The SEO database provided by them is useful for newbie’s as well as experienced people who want to implement excellent SEO tactics but are no able to achieve it on their own SEO database. The websites which are listed in their SEO databases are 100% authenticated.

Also, this database will help the newbie’s in wasting their time on looking for solutions related to databases in the SEO field and trying to create their own list of websites and finally fail to achieve it.

Due to these reasons, they have started this website which will save you time while doing SEO!


Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting

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Enkrishiv is launched to create a nice experience about brands and businesses of every size. Enkrishiv is a team of passionate and enthusiastic people having the aim to provide excellent user experience to their customers with the help of excellent knowledge and intuitive ideas.

They like to provide solutions for each and every type of challenge, even if it requires them to push the boundaries related to technologies and user experience. Every project developed by their creative talent is perfect that involves a lot of efforts.

If you are looking for a developer for building an excellent website for your business then the expert designers of Enkrishiv team are available for you. You can also find web designers here.

They also have their own team of experts as well as experienced developers for hiring if your project requires a large size team.

Also, their team of experts is ready for supporting maintenance to your website at any time.

 Jannat Tech:

Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting

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Jannat Tech is a place where you will get a very professional team of web designers and developers which have been providing creative, attractive, excellent responsive web designs for every project since last 5 years. With each new project, their team uses new innovative ideas and applies them creatively. They try to provide professional-looking business websites with distinct and fresh ideas.

Their team of web designers and developers is very passionate as well as experienced about offering excellent, distinct and attractive web solutions for each and every new project as per the customer’s requirements.

They understand the value of customer’s each and every penny invested in the project and also understands providing high returns to them.

Services offered by them are WordPress Design and Development, WooCommerce Integration and customization, PSD to Web site design and development, e-commerce design and development, Payment gateways, API integrations.

Blog Expert:

Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting

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Blog Expert is an Expert Technology Reviewer where you will find information about technology-related posts, technology-related reviews. Technologies like Web Hosting, Web Security, Digital technology, Plugins, SEO, and AD Network, etc.


Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting

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A maximum Matrix is a place where you can promote your business by using Facebook and Instagram Advertising. Also, design your brand strategy, optimize social media profiles, marketing research and competitor analysis, increase your followers, etc. Try to understand the requirements of your customers and also learn about their interests at the same time you can converse with your viewers and provide an excellent user experience.

Their team of expert content writers will help you in writing the content as per your requirement. Their team of professionals will also help you in creating brand awareness of your business for your customers. You can develop several types of websites with the help of their expert website developers. They also provide the facility of email marketing for building a communication plan with your customers. Thus here you can advertise your products and services to the correct audience


We would like to recommend you to go through this list of Best Technical Blogs for Readers, which will definitely help you to keep updated to the technological developments, political news, mobile updates, web hosting and so on.

Do not forget to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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Best Technical Blogs For Readers in 2019, Hostripples Web Hosting
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