How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Website?

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Are you having trouble choosing a domain name for your online business? Selecting a domain name for your business is very much important things as it will describe your business online. choose your domain name in such a way, which will help people to recognize your business brand and help search engines to communicate with you.

If you want to make a website, which will make represent to your ideal clients and customers online you need to buy Domain Name for your Business. Get a Domain name which will identify your business and represent your business to people. Always choose a name which is easy to remember to people and easy to type, don’t make your domain too long as people can’t remember the long title.

Now you know why a Domain name is a key element for your online presence. It will help you to grow or bring you down,  so choose the name which describes your business properly

But WHY it so Important?

1.    With a domain name, you will make your presence online, that means it going to be your first impression on online. People will see your name on your URL, This will create a positive and long lasting impression on the visitor.

2.    A good domain name is one which have keywords and which will help you in SEO. This will help you to increase your SEO Ranking on the internet.

3.    The right domain name can define your Brand. This will increase your brand recognition and will also help you to increase your branding Opportunity.

These are the only few points which describe why domain is so important. Choosing the name which is right for your business is a difficult and careful process, so check all the options before selecting the right one.

Before selecting any Winner (Right Domain Name) you should be very careful pick it and consider all the options.

Here I’m giving you 7 Tips for choosing the perfect Domain name for your online business.

1.    Creative and Easy to memorable.

There are millions of  domain names available, but a unique and catchy name can attract people towards your business. But make sure to keep it clear and concise to make more memorable to people. Once you have decided the name, share it with family and friends, ask their suggestions.

2.    Short and Simple

If you choose a domain name which is longer and harder to remember, it is possible that your customer mistypes or do spelling mistake easier. So, it is advice to choose a name which is short and simple to remember to customers

3.    Choose a name which has keywords that represent your Business

A keyword is the strongest ingredient for your online business. Choose a keyword which describes your business and service you are going to provide online with your desire Domain Name.

Domain with keyword is the smart way, as it will describe what type of business it is? But this will not help you to increase ranking in search engine result. Early it was benefit in SEO but now this will not benefit in SEO. Domain with Keyword will benefit in understand nature of Business.

With the help of Google Keyword Planner or Uber Suggest,  you can research the keywords which describe your business. These tools will give you a list of options. If your Business is about “Cake Shop”, so choose a name like “Baker Cake” or “Sweet Cake”. In this, your keyword is “Cake” as it describes your business and is easy to remember.

4.    Avoid numbers and hyphens.

Using numbers and hyphens are not understood many times, so it suggested not use it. Like when they hear your site name which has the numerical number “9” but they don’t know it’s numerical “9” or word “nine”. Same goes with hyphens visitors misplace or forget to insert, and this will confuse them. Avoid using numbers and hyphens in the domain

5.    Simple to type and read

Find a domain which is easy to type and read, yes it’s difficult to get but it will help you to succeed online. Don’t take the name which has numbers or characters or which has a different word for the same meaning.  Words like “than / then, desert-dessert, etc.” this creates confusion and makes difficult to the customer to find your website. So keep it simple.

6.    Finally TLD- Top Level Domain.

It means the end part of your Domain- .net, .com, .in, .org, etc. The first choice or The Best Choice is .com for all the online business. It’s the easiest and popular one, but difficult to get short and memorable for the visitor to remember.

Now, you can also use TLD with specific region like .co, .uk, .ca, .it, etc. This TLD is used by another search engine to help Geotarget Website. Similar to this, others offer different short and top extensions. Some example

•    .info: For informational sites.

•    org: For non-commercial organizations and nonprofits

•    co: For company, commerce, and community.

•    .net: For technical, Internet infrastructure sites.

•    .me: For blogs, resumes or personal sites

•    .biz: For business or commercial use, like e-commerce sites

7.    Registrar your Domain

Now, the final step is to get registrar your desired domain name. After seeing all the points and deciding keyword and TLD its time to Buy your Domain. There are two ways,

  • First when you are purchasing from your Hosting Provider while signing up with them.
  • Secondly from the Separated Domain Registrar or Different Hosting Company


Before choosing name spends Hours for selecting the original name on your Own, as this will be your reflection. Choose the Domain name which will inspire the visitors to visit you back. Give yourself lots of option or make the list of the option before selecting.

Keep in mind your name should be memorable and Unique. It should represent your Brand and idea of what you do. Follow these instructions and you will be successes.

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