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Top 10 Benefit Of Cloud Hosting Over Traditional Hosting

Traditional hosting is inherited from the last two decades and still running in the more or less the same way it was previously now the world & technology are changing and the requirements of web hosting are changing rapidly that’s why Cloud Hosting comes in picture.

Now when I say traditional hosting! You must be denying it and arguing that we are using top web hosting provider with great support team and my web application is running securely… but is it really?

Got confused? let me help you if the answer to the below questions is “YES”  then definitely you are into trouble and its right time to choose cloud Hosting.

  1. Do you get frequent resources limit errors on your website?
  2. Do you face downtime due to the security patches applied on a server that need reboots?
  3. Facing slowness in website loading speed due to other users hosted on the same shared hosting environment?
  4. Resources that you get with the package in shared hosting are not scalable?
  5. Facing issues on collaborating on other third-party tools with your hosting control panel?
  6. With shared environment Limited security applied on website?

If all the answer to above questions are “YES” then certainly it’s time to switch to cloud hosting.

Why Cloud Hosting?  Simply because it’s comes with

  1. Great scalability
  2. High performance
  3. High security
  4. Borderless existence 
  5. Great uptime
  6. Run with the latest technology
  7. Easy to collaborate with the third party
  8. Latest trending technology
  9. Easy backup & disaster recovery operations
  10. Pay for what you consume

The scalability of the resources on the fly is the great feature that cloud hosting comes with. Cloud Hosting allows adjusting the website resources like RAM, Bandwidth and Disk space. Traditional hosting does not follow these trends and stick with the resources allocated to it. Thus the cloud helps to reduce downtime and improve user experience.

Additional to the resource scalability cloud hosting also allows a user to go with location independence whereas Traditional hosting servers are confined with a fixed place which you can choose to have only before you host the website. Traditional hosting does not allow you to change it easily to switch it and involve downtime in-between of change in the same. On the other side, Cloud hosting is so powerful that you can switch the location on your website on the fly and the user on the website will not even notice these changes.

The above extensive feature comes with the same high-level security involved in it, but that’s not the case with traditional hosting, as it comes with the same CPU and resources which are shared with other websites on the server. Any infected site or contents hosted on the same server create and reflect the effect on your website reputation too. Cloud hosting provides the secure isolation on the resources on different level such as network level, data level allocations, and physical security too, Cloud Hosting provider maintain the security of data with customer identity management system, collective data isolation, disk storage segregation, secured transmission over encrypted solutions, string firewalls, and data backup recovery tools integrated with could hosting panel.

The secure isolation module of cloud hosting makes the easy collaboration of groups where multiple users can work on the same portion of the data and even shared applications, no matter where they are accessing it. This unbeatable feature you cannot enjoy with traditional hosting.

You won’t be surprised if cloud hosting comes with one click backups and disaster recover with very low downtime in this transits. Traditional hosting does not even offer backup and forget disaster recovery with traditional hosting.

Cloud Hosting is leading with the latest technology which allows you to provide a platform with the capability of easily customizable and managed features with your customized application, comparing/fulfilling your needs and getting high performance out of it. This may include an upgrade to servers, the latest trending version of software and computer processing power. 

Cloud servers are made to utilized sources up to full capacity available which minimizes the idle time and minimal energy of both company and environment.

The beauty on top of all the above features is that you do not have to Pay for the chunk which is not utilized by you. Resources are getting charged as per the usage only and not as per traditional hosting which keeps you charge for an entire package you took.

If you have any queries or suggestions related to this topic, feel free to add to the comment section.

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Top 10 Benefit Of Cloud Hosting Over Traditional Hosting, Hostripples Web Hosting
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