How to set the default address under the cpanel?

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, How to set the default address under the cpanel?, Hostripples Web Hosting


This address will receive any mail sent to an invalid email address for the current domain. The default address is also commonly called a “catch-all address.”

Set Up a Default Address

To set up your default address:

  1. Select the domain for which you wish to set up a default address.
  2. Click one of the following options:
    • Forward to email address — Enter the address in the text box. You do not need to type “@” and the domain name.
    • Discard with error to sender — Enter an error message for the sender to read.
  3. You can also click Advanced Options to:
    • Discard incoming messages without an automatic response.
      Note: This option is not recommended since the sender will be unaware that the delivery failed.
    • Automatically forward messages to a program by defining a path to the program, for example /home/$utility, in the Pipe to a Program field.
    • Forward incoming messages to your system account.
  4. Click the Change button.

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