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How to Select a WordPress Theme

Are you a WordPress blogger?

If Yes,

You must have set up your WordPress blog.

I Know while setting up a WordPress blog, you must have come across many challenges.

Just let me know what was more challenging whether it was building a WordPress website or giving a makeover to a website.

Aah! Both are difficult but setting up a website is a one-time activity but giving a makeover to the website is an ongoing activity.

It becomes very difficult to select one theme for your website from thousands of themes. Due to fast-moving technologies, we are looking for instant solutions.

Being WordPress hosting experts, we can guide you through this article that how you can select WordPress themes for your website.

Select a Theme that Supports the latest version of WordPress

Our aim is to guide you regarding choosing the right theme that supports all the latest versions of WordPress. Here are the reasons which you can consider to avail benefits of WordPress theme:

  • If your WordPress website feature is not working as per your need then you can assume that theme isn’t compatible with the latest WP release.
  • If you choose a theme that doesn’t support a new version of WordPress then you can avoid updating the WordPress. It affects the security vulnerabilities which lead to crashes, data breaches, website defacement, and other unwanted stuff.
  • A WordPress website’s functionality may get affected due to the oldest versions of the WordPress which you’re using.

Solution: Check out the latest version of WordPress before installing WordPress.

Prepare the List of Features you want in WordPress Theme or Website.

Before starting a WordPress website, it’s important to list down features which you want on the website.

The WordPress feature filter in the Themes Repository makes it easy to customize your search for free themes based on your required features.

Proper planning is needed to set up a website. For example; you can add features Multi-lingual Website, Client login, Search box, Categories, Header, Footer, etc.

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Select a Responsive Theme

We all know that a responsive theme is the best option for all types of devices. In short, it’s compatible with mobile and easy to navigate its menu and widgets.

It’s suggested to select a fluid site grid and flexible images that can translate to non-desktop devices. For example, opting for a responsive theme will easily translate on a mobile device without taking huddles.

For mobile users, your website will look fully responsive and easy to access like playing carom on a soft board.

Keep One Colour Of The Website

We all remember any brand with its name and then next is its color. Yes, if I ask you any popular companies name and its colour then you might able to give an answer quickly, right?

Yes, I know, I too remember the brands with their colour.  In short, brand awareness is created with its colour. If you’re using a logo then fix a proper alignment with the colour scheme of that logo.

WordPress makes it easy for all users to design the theme as per their choice; it offers multiple features like colors, directly entering into the file or in customer CSS, etc.

When it comes to dark or light mode then you’ll be shown statistically that website visitors opt for lighter-colored sights instead of dark mode.

If you’re planning to consider a dark mode for the website appearance then it’s suggested to skip that strategy. As it will take your visitors away and this will affect the traffic to your website.

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Opt for Premium Theme

WordPress is a giant as we know that it has uncountable themes both free and paid. Free themes are boosting web portals due to their budget-friendly in nature.

But, using free themes also consists of some disadvantages such as lack of resources, free ads, no flexibility for customization, etc. This is somehow difficult to exit on the web if you’re planning to craft your website to shine globally.

Whereas premium themes are dynamic that come with multiple features in comparison to free WordPress themes. You’ll be the king of your business if you’re selecting a paid theme.

In addition, opting for Hostripples WordPress hosting will help you to design your website along with hosting that too with 24*7*365 days support and many other interesting benefits.  

Avoid Using A font that Is Hard To Read

If you have got a list of attractive things to make your website unique to stand in the crowd but what if your font is not worth catching the users?

Here, you need to worry, yes? To avoid such situations you can use fonts that are responsive and eye catchy. Go through various websites to get glimpses of the fonts. You can check these fond themes to get an idea for your websites.

Check Users Reviews and Ratings

It’s a human tendency to refer to a group of people or specific influencers for decision-making.

Hence, reviews are generated by already used customers and this gives assurances to newbies before buying. It gives strong insights about products and brands.

On, you will get reviews and ratings easily in the product description. You can also search various review websites to get the reviews of the customers.

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Well Coded and Documented

Being a WordPress website owner, it’s necessary to check whether the website is coded and documented properly or not.

If the website is well designed in terms of code and document then its loading speed will also increase.

Further, non – professionals or newbies will also understand the website’s features and its step–by–step guidance. Thus, the well-documented theme is easy to understand.

You can opt for a well-coded theme simultaneously, how then? You can download it from one of the trusted websites. For example; WordPress, Theme Grill, Themeforest and etc.

Developer’s Support to Users

The next tip is to get support from your developer in case of an emergency. No matter what, themes and plugins also get a problem; it indicates that you will need support too to overcome that issue.

In such a situation, getting the support of a developer is like icing on the cake.

One of the very popular sources of free theme support is the forum. Additionally, you can also find information on the official websites of the theme in the knowledgebase or documentation section.

If you opt for a premium theme then you’ll get dedicated support via chat, phone, or email.  

Easy Customization

For any blogger or website developer, it’s very important to do customization in their current work or sample. It is very easy to change the things with customization option.

WordPress theme gives you this option to make your website worth in front of your targeted audience.

With customization, you can change and include new features in your WordPress website or blog. You don’t need technical knowledge to customize your website.

You can select a theme to avail the features like typography, custom widgets, advanced colour options, etc.

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It’s Time to Say Good Bye!

I hope while reading the article, you must have decided the theme and its features which you want on your website. Go for the best theme that gives you a responsive look on all the devices like desktops, mobile, and phones.  

How to Select a WordPress Theme, Hostripples Web Hosting
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