earn money through blogging, Thinking How to Earn Money Through Blogging? Read This, Hostripples Web Hosting

Thinking How to Earn Money Through Blogging? Read This

If you think, to be a content creator or to earn money online you need to be a good actor, or photographer, or singer, or any kind of special skill that you need to have then you are wrong you can still earn money through blogging. Blogging is nothing but a textbase content, through which you can able to reach millions of people around the world. You can earn money through blogging and make it a full-time career option for you. If you write good content and get more than 10000 viewers or subscribers then it might become your fulltime job and a great way to earn money. This blog will help you to know how you can earn money through blogging but before that, we will take a short tour of the new digital world & it’s opportunities.

In this digital era, everything is getting digital starting from reading newspapers to buying clothes and electronics even up to transfer the money. While doing this there are lots of other doors that are also open like for digital marketing content creation and many more. As people are spending millions on online to buy stuff, there are many people who are earning through the same online platform by creating the content and advertising the products. Content creation in a digital world gives a huge opportunity to people for earning money by being digital influencers. Content is nothing but a video or photo or textbase information through which you can communicate with your audience.

To start to being content creator there are lots of other ways such as by being a digital photographer or an audio content creator (music, podcast) or a video content creator or a professional writer, etc.  You just have to choose your topic, like your favorite topic (lifestyle, entertainment, science, engineering, etc) or a topic related to your product which you want to marketize.

To start blogging obviously, the first step is to have a blog or website, but assuming you already got to this stage, here are a few of the basic ways to go about how to earn money through blogging.

Google Adsense:

earn money through blogging, Thinking How to Earn Money Through Blogging? Read This, Hostripples Web Hosting

Adsense is a very old tool for the internet to run ads. Adsence program is run by google corporation itself. There are many other alternatives such as BuySellAds, Propeller Ads, and Skim links but google Adsense is popular among all of them all. The main feature of adsence is it shows ads relevant to your content or the base of the ad on people’s own interest. It’s a very straight forward idea you must have a website that has Adsense adverts. You sign up for an account and a code is generated which you need to add to your site. The code looks at the keywords in the content of the website page you have placed it on and then displays adverts that might create interest in the people who are reading your page. The ads are geo-localized so if your page is about food, and it’s being read by someone in Bengaluru, India, a list of advertisers from that area will show to the reader. Sometimes it also works on the base of cache and cookies stored inside the browser of the reader so the reader gets to see ads of those products only which he/she was searching previously. If the reader clicks on a link and goes to a provider’s site, you get paid for that.

The minimum requirement is that your blog or website should be over 6 months old to qualify for an Adsense account, then your website should have a good visitor count,  must have a unique article. You can check at there terms & conditions and these differ depending on which country you are in. Although it is possible that you make a lot of money using Adsense, but you have to be realistic. Depending on the subject matter a blogging website with more than 1000 visitors per day might only make between $60 to $120 per month.

Banner Advertising:

earn money through blogging, Thinking How to Earn Money Through Blogging? Read This, Hostripples Web Hosting

Like Adsense, banner advertising is another form of internet advertising. Banner advertisement is rectangular graphical display ads place at the top or the bottom of the website. The horizontal banner ads called leaderboards whereas vertical banner ads are called skyscraper. The main purpose of this advertisement is to get a visitor from the blogging website. Basically, if your blog or website has any type of niche audience relate to, advertisers will come to you and ask you if they can place adverts that will drive visitors and potential customers to their websites.

Unlike other methods in banner advertising, you can set a rate of commission as you want but don’t be too greedy. If a banner ad is of the product, try to find out what the commission percentage for sale of that product you are going to get. You can charge them as per day or per month depending upon what kind of ads you are going to post. When you get some experience you will start to understand how much you should charge. For that, you need to give some time.

Affiliate Marketing:

earn money through blogging, Thinking How to Earn Money Through Blogging? Read This, Hostripples Web Hosting

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing method where ads are displayed on your blog or website and rather than getting paid for a click like AdSense from a provider’s site, Affiliate Marketing requires someone to make a purchase. Your advert will have a code attached to it, and once payment is made you get a commission. Depending on the product or service, commissions can be quite high. Best of all, many companies pay commissions on repeat sales. This kind of marketing also called pay-per-purchase. For example, if you have written a blog for on the latest mobile, and someone purchases the mobile from an e-commerce website through a link which you have provided in the blog then you will receive commissions as on their purchase.

Most of the time Affiliate Marketing campaigns are run by e-commerce websites. They have different commission rates depending on the variety of products. When you enroll for affiliate marketing on any website they will provide you a unique link regarding their product you simply need to copy-paste that link in your blog that’s it, now whenever someone purchases through that link you will get paid for that.

Hotel Room Bookings:

earn money through blogging, Thinking How to Earn Money Through Blogging? Read This, Hostripples Web Hosting

You can call this as another subtype of affiliate marketing. Again, a link is added to your blogging site and if someone books a room at a hotel through a link provided by you, you will get a commission for that. As hotels are related to travel,  travel-related websites or blog content can get more benefit from this kind of marketing. However, not just travel sites that might benefit from this but also food-related websites or lifestyle blogs, and many more will able to generate revenue from this type of marketing.

Social Media:

Thinking How to Earn Money Through Blogging? Read This, Hostripples Web Hosting

To gain visitors and subscribers for blogs and websites they are always linked with Social Media these days. Social Media is the best way to manage and to reach out with different types of community members. Social media helps you to reach out to an appropriate audience for a blog or site and if you get enough followers, the rest will follow. Let’s say if there is a new cafe open in your city and you write a blog about that, and you want to reach out to your potential audience, then social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc will help you with that. Through this kind of advertising, you can get revenue from various local businesses. Once you find your proper audience then you can make advertising of relevant products in front of them.

Sponsored Posts:

earn money through blogging, Thinking How to Earn Money Through Blogging? Read This, Hostripples Web Hosting

A sponsored post is one of the most popular marketing as well as revenue generation methods these days. This method is a little bit tricky as you need to approach a company or an advertiser. You need to ask them whether they want to marketize there product through your blog or website. If they agree for that then you need to write the content of your blog with their consideration, like the content specifically oriented towards their products only without putting any other brand name, etc. Once you approach the advertiser then they will tell you about their requirement and terms and condition, by following them you need to write proper content. In some cases, an advertiser will approach you if you have a larger audience base.

A Final Word:

For many new bloggers, to earn money through blogging takes time. Don’t make the common blogging mistake of trying to monetize your content too early focus on building strong connections with your readers. The more readers you have, the more attractive you are to advertisers.

If you’d like to learn a little more about earning money online check out – What is Hostripples Affiliate Program? they’ll come in handy to start making easy money from affiliate marketing.

Good luck!

Thinking How to Earn Money Through Blogging? Read This, Hostripples Web Hosting
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