Hacking prevention precautions!

Nowadays hackers are trying the all possibilities for cracking the websites with the help of simple tricks like password combination, brute force etc and users can do take the below precautions at their end to prevent such things:

A. Always do create a strong password in your cPanel account. You can access your cPanel by navigating to your Web hosting server’s website and signing into your account. The most important thing to do is keep your passwords a secret. If you must give a password to someone, don’t share it with too many people, and be sure to change it when they are done using the access. Don’t write down your passwords or save them in a plain text file. I highly recommend you periodically change your passwords.

2. Make sure to always change your password every 2-3 months. Changing your password often prevents hackers from cracking your password.

3. Please check Raw access logs from cpanel and block the suspicious IP if any from IP deny manager in cpanel.

4. Validate the files on your server. Do not install any files on your server that you do not trust. These may include free template files or plug-ins. Hackers often plant scripts in what seems to be legit files. These scripts are used to spam your visitors and gather information such as email address, mailing addresses and banking information. Along the same idea, you need to make sure your personal computer does not have viruses, trojans, keyloggers, etc.

4. Keep your scripts and downloaded programs updated. Always upgrade to the latest version of your blog, forum, shopping cart, etc.

5. Be active and report unusual websites and regular take backups is a precaution. Also Never leave scripts on your account that are not being used. These tend to be forgotten and since they are no longer maintained they are often out of date and can pose a very serious security threat on your account. If you no longer need the script it is best to download your backups and remove it from the server.

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