Getting Blank page after installing from Fantastico, Hostripples Web Hosting

Getting Blank page after installing from Fantastico

Sometimes when you install an application using Fantastico, you wight get a blank page on website instead of the installed application. , this is due to a bug in Fantastico for PHPList Installation. To fix this issue one may need to edit the config.php file:
You need to to put # before following line in config.php file:

define(“PLUGIN_ROOTDIR”, “/tmp”)

And remove # from the below line your config.php file:

define(“PLUGIN_ROOTDIR”, “plugins”);

Below mentioned are the steps to edit config.php file:

1.Login to domain cPanel account.
2.Click on File Manger.
3.Click on public_html/phplist foldername/config/config.php
4.Edit the file and click on save button.

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