Configuration file location in Plesk, Hostripples Web Hosting

Configuration file location in Plesk

Following is the location of the different configuration files in plesk:

Apache configuration and log files locations

Main apache configuration files


Users apache configuration files


Users apache configuration files

Include /home/httpd/vhosts/<domainname>/conf/httpd.include

Apache’s log file is located in


Apache include files directory


Apache binary file

Qmail configuration and log files locations

qmail directory


Location of qmail maildirs


Log file location


Binary directory

My Sql configuration file and log location

location of mysql


Configuration File


Log file


Binary file

BIND configuration file

Configuration File


Zone file location



Plesk configuration files

Plesk admin password


Plesk configuration file


Plesk directory


Directory for the config file is


postgresql directory



FTP configuration files and logs

FTP configuration file


FTP log file


FTP bianry file


Awstatics configurtion files and logs

Configuration file location


Log file are located in


Domains access logs

/home/httpd/vhosts/<domain name>/statistics/logs/access_log



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