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Apple’s IOS 14.5 Update blows digital marketing with new policies

Apple iOS 14.5 release date announced, update in product and privacy policies will affect data sharing across iOS. Let’s take a quick look at how it will affect digital marketing companies.

Apple in his global Apple Spring event on April 20, 2021, declared its new upcoming products. Apple launched its new iPad Pro, iPad Air also announced the iOS 14.5 release date, which’s going to release next week.

This ios update will cause big problems for marketing consultants and digital marketing companies as it aims to focus more on user privacy.

And starting with iOS 14.5, iPad 14.5, and tvOS 14.5, you’ll be required to ask users for their permission to track them across apps and websites owned by other companies.


Apple iOS 14.5 beta limits digital marketing

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference held in June, Apple announced that they made changes in product and privacy policies that will affect data sharing across iOS from next week. This is a piece of bad news for online advertising companies especially Facebook. Facebook that generates income from advertising has been worn off from its business model.

This policy will make it much harder for small businesses to reach their target audience. There are other companies that work on audience-based targeting which has also get affected by this decision.

Take a sneak peek at ios 14.5 new features

People are waiting for some features for so long and their most awaited features. With the update, the new apple features introduced in iOS 14.5 come with a lot of improvements:

  • Tracking ios apps

In recent updates apple focussed on user privacy, your device will require applications or application developers to seek permissions before tracking your activities outside the app. This policy will prohibit certain data collection and sharing unless people opt in to tracking.

Onwards Apple iOS 14.5 devices they won’t block apps but instead, seek to allow or deny the permission.

Also read,

  • More Siri updates with a new voice and 200 new emojis

Some interesting features such as new emoticons and Siri (Virtual Assistant of Apple’s) are also updated with new ios features along with the voice.

  • Unlocking i-phone with Apple watch

You can use your face id on your apple watch to unlock your iPhone. By considering today’s scenario in mind you can use it even wearing a mask. You will only have to enable the feature manually. Just wear the watch and continue to follow the steps and it is all done.

  • Dual-Sim5G Global Support

Before this feature is only available in China but now it’s available in India too. It helps the user and digital eSIM to have two lines of service on the same phone.

  • Console Controller Support

It supports PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers via this you can play games on your phone or tablet. It is a much-demanded feature for iPhone.

  • Set the default music player of your choice
Final Verdict

As considering looking the privacy, ios 14.4 comes with a great feature in the market. But,

  • Without the personalized ads many new products and services would never get or you are unaware of newbies.
  • Blocking Facebook harms the small businesses and users that rely on their services.
  • Effects small agencies severely.

Apple’s IOS 14.5 Update blows digital marketing with new policies, Hostripples Web Hosting
Nikhil Pande
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