Facebook, The 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes that might be Ruining your Business, Hostripples Web Hosting

The 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes that might be Ruining your Business

We all know what a powerful tool social media can be a for our businesses. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ top our lists when it comes to social media marketing. But a single mistake in the marketing campaigns, and it may cause damages to business.

Many newbie advertisers and marketers have faced the aftermath of these mistakes – Low engagement, low ROI on paid ads, negative feedbacks from customers, etc.

Facebook, The 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes that might be Ruining your Business, Hostripples Web Hosting
Let’s see what 5 big mistakes we should not make while marketing on Facebook and stop ruining our business-


1. Random Tagging

Never ever do this. Tagging unknown people in the photos is a big NO!
People upload albums and then randomly tag people (mostly unknowns) to gain likes and reach their friends. But, if the person gets irritated and blocks you – you would be left with a tag of being a spammer, and your brand/business with a negative impact.

2. Liking your own posts

What’s the point in liking your own posts?
When you share a post, it means you like it. Pressing the like button on that post is done by people to increase the visibility of their posts (when it is posted and when it is liked in the news feed), but this surely irritates the audience. This just shows how much unconfident and insecure you are about your share. We would suggest you refrain from liking your own posts.

3. Taking the full attack mode

This one is done by many businesses – posting continuously. When you bombard your audience with posts throughout the day, chances are you lose engagement. Low engagement is one of the important reasons why your marketing campaigns fail.

We would suggest not to post more than 2 posts for your business throughout the day. The audience may like to see you in their news feed occasionally rather than continuously!

4. Failing to recognize your target audience

You may have tried creating new profiles, posting content, following a few accounts so you can reach new audiences, but if you want to target the right people, you are doing it all wrong. What’s the point in posting content if it is reaching irrelevant people?

Every successful Facebook campaign starts with analyzing who your potential audience is – demographically, according to interests, considering age factor and gender. Facebook gives you the option to choose your target audience accordingly and one must fully utilize that.

5. Buying likes and followers

The last one but the most important one!  We totally understand how difficult it is to start off your business and make it noticeable on social media, especially Facebook, which has over 1.79 billion monthly active users. It may take months for you to get your first thousand likes and at this point, you may be tempted to buy the likes to just take off. But trust us, doing this is just like building a house on a foundation of quicksand.

The likes and followers you purchase are not real people, and they are not your potential lead or customers. They are social media robots. They are not going to engage with your content, share or post it and it is wasting your time and money as well!

Hence, it’s just like making noise in an echo chamber. Instead, spend some time experimenting and identifying your potential customers, who want what you are offering.

Use Facebook Marketing as an asset

Avoiding these five major mistakes will help you go miles and give fruitful results for your Facebook marketing campaigns.

If you think there are some more mistakes everyone should take care of and have a few more tips, please do not shy away from sharing your point of view.

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