What is Digital Marketing?

In this blog, we will learn about Digital Marketing. What is Digital Marketing? So let’s make it very simple. Suppose you have a business of Restaurant or you are providing any service like suppose say you are a content writer or you have a product which you want to sell. For ex: Assume that you have a Smartphones which you want to sell.

So if you are promoting or advertising business, service or product with the help of Digital Media that means you are doing Digital Marketing of your business or product. So this is Digital Marketing!

Now, you will ask What is Digital Media? So we can divide digital media into several parts!

  1. SEO- Which is also called Search Engine Optimization.
  2. Google Adwords – so you can sell Google Ads where you can promote your business or service with the help of Adwords advertisement.
  3. Social Media – Means we use Social Media to promote our business.
  4. Mail Marketing
  5. Affiliate Marketing and
  6. Video Marketing

Now we will cover every digital media platform in detail:-

  1. SEO- Search Engine Optimization –

Guys! You know that there are millions of websites on the internet and we use search engines to search for them. There are many search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc.

But today we will use Google.com. More than 80% of internet users use Google.com as a search engine. So How SEO works? Means how SEO helps your business?

Suppose you want to search Restaurants in Nasik on Google.com. For that, you will have to enter it and you will see the Search Engine will display the most relevant contacts. On the top of the list you will see some advertisements where is “Ad” written there, means these companies / these websites are paying something to Google to rank their website on the top of the list.

Means if you click any of these links the Google will charge some amount from these websites.

Now if you will scroll down you will see some more results, these results are coming with the help of SEO. So means you don’t need to pay anything in SEO but on the other hand the site before the advertisement will have to pay to the Google.com. But the thing is that SEO is a bit time-consuming process.

If you want to put your website or if you want to display your website on the first page of Google, it will take some months so that’s why it is a bit time-consuming process.

But the benefits of the SEO are like it is a free way to generate traffic to your website. If you will scroll down you will see some ads at the bottom and you see the pages means there are some other pages as well where you can find some relevant contacts but most of the people don’t go to the second page.

SEO Search Engine Optimization. Chart with keywords and icons on

The question will be how to find out if I put my website on the first page of Google. So the first thing is your website should have relevant Meta Tags and your website should have high-quality backlinks, relevant keywords, quality content etc. So this was about SEO.

  1. Now we will talk about Google Adwords –

So friends! As I have told you before for the Google Adwords you need to pay something to Google to put your result on the top of the list. This is one way of showing the advertisement. There are other ways as well.

Suppose you want to purchase a guitar, enter Smartphone’s online. You will see some advertisements; these companies are paying something to Google to put their product on the first page. You will see Sponsored is written there means these companies are paying something to Google.

It is not only the way to show the advertisement if you go to any website like Times of India; there are many websites/blogs which will show their ads. So if you will scroll down on the right side you can see advertisements. So Google is not displaying the ads own, their search engine is displaying the advertisements on other websites as well.

  1. So now we will see how to promote your business/service through social media platforms –

There are many social media platforms now a day. Like Facebook, Twitter, etc. from where you can promote your business/service. Here we will discuss it with the help of Facebook.com which is the most used platform. If you see on the Facebook screen some advertisements when you log in to your Facebook profile. You will see manually added advertisements there. Means many people are promoting their business and also services.

So you can see the name of the business/service and also sponsored i.e. these people are paying something to the Facebook to promote their page of business or product. In the same way on the right side, you can see some advertisements. It can be free or it can be paid. So for placing the ad, you can go to any startup group and then post it.

Like this, you can promote your business free of cost. But if your target audience is broad then you need to pay something to Facebook.

  1. Now let’s see how can you promote your business using email marketing-

Every day you may receive lots of emails. Suppose you open an email that sends you to deal about the products in this way they are promoting their business or product with the help of email marketing. It is not just about selling your products; it is also about how to approach your customer after selling something. Means suppose I have purchased any Smartphone in the past now they will send me other products details as well. Means I should buy these things as well.

email marketing

In this way, they are boosting their sells with the help of email marketing. They are sending their offers or deals.

  1. Now let’s see Video Marketing –

you tube ad

Its best example is YouTube.com. Go to YouTube.com, at the beginning of any video you will see some ads. In this way, they are promoting their product. If I want to promote any product click on promote thus I can promote my product.

  1. Now let’s see affiliate marketing-

affiliate marketing

It is one of the best ways to advertise your business. Means it will boost your sells so much as it is one of the best ways to earn money as well. So what is affiliate marketing? We will sell products on behalf of any website like Hostripples and they will give us a commission in return. This is affiliate marketing. You are selling products from other companies on their behalf and they need to give you a commission on that behalf.

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