Adding Two-Factor Verification For cPanel Hosting, Hostripples Web Hosting

Adding Two-Factor Verification For cPanel Hosting

The two-factor authentication in cPanel is an improved security measure that requires two forms of identification i.e. your password and generated security code.

When a two-factor authentication has enabled an app on your smartphone supplies a code that you must enter with your password to log in.

For enabling the 2FactorAuthentication to perform the following steps in WHM:

  1. In WHM: Set the 2-factor Authentication Security Policy to toggle on under the >> two-Factor Authentication Interface.

i.e. Log in to WHM >>Security >> Two Factor Authentication >> Following Interface will appear>>

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  1. Grant the 2-Factor Authentication to the desired users in WHM’s Manage User’s Interface

For configuring 2-factor authentication perform following steps:

  1. Click Set up 2-Factor Authentication, also it is required to link your cPanel account and 2FA app.
  2. For automatically creating the link scan the QR code with your app.
  3. For manually creating the link enter the provided account and key information in your app.
  4. Open your 2FA app for retrieving the six-digit security code.
  5. It generates a new six-digit security code every time for your cPanel.
  6. Enter this six-digit security code in your Security code text box.
  7. Click “Configure 2-Factor Authentication”.

Remove 2-Factor Authentication :

For removing the 2-factor authentication click “Remove Two Factor Authentication”

Reconfigure 2-Factor Authentication:

For Reconfiguring 2-Factor Configuration, Click “Reconfigure”.

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Adding Two-Factor Verification For cPanel Hosting, Hostripples Web Hosting
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