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From the last blog, we have started discussing Security feature in cPanel and we have discussed the SSL/TLS tool in the previous blog. Today we are going to discuss Hotlink Protection in cPanel.

Hotlink Protection:-

This tool prevents other websites from directly linking to the files on your website. The files which are included in the Configure Hotlink Protection. Other websites may still be able to link to any file that you have not added in the above list of files. The result is that the other website is stealing your bandwidth.

Therefore it is required to list all the sites from which you wish to allow direct links.

For accessing this feature you are required to log in to your cPanel >> then navigate to Security >> Under this section you will find Hotlink Protection.

When you select this option following Screen will appear  :

hotlinks in cpanel

In this case, you can see that the Hotlink Protection is “Disabled”. If you want to enable it, then click “Enable”.

Enabling it, perform the following steps:

  • Click “Enable” button on the screen.
  • When you select the “Enable” option, you will receive a message as follows:

  • Then another interface will appear as follows :

web hosting company

  • Here you will see 2 options like Allowed Referrers and 2. Protected Extensions.
  • If you want to allow specific sites to hotlink to your site, then it is required to add their URLs to the “URLs to allow access” menu under “Configure Hotlink Protection” option, by going back to the previous screen.
  • If you want to block direct access to files of specific types, add those file extensions to the “Block direct access for the following extensions” text box.
  • You can select the checkbox for “Allow Direct Request” when you use hotlink protection for files that you want visitors to view in QuickTime.
  • Redirect the request to the following URL:- For redirecting the requests for certain content, enter the URL to which you want to redirect your visitor in this text box.
  • Click “Submit”.

Disable Hotlink Protection :

For Disabling the Hotlink Protection click “Disable”

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