Understanding Linux File System Hierarchy | Linux Directory Structure

All files on a Linux system are stored on file systems which are organized into a single inverted tree of directories, known as a file system hierarchy. This tree is inverted because the root of the tree is said to be at the top of the hierarchy, and the branches of directories and subdirectories stretch […]

Active Directory: What it is? What are Active Directory objects and Why should we use Active Directory??

In today’s blog I am going to talk about what is an Active Directory Service? What are the Active Directory Objects? Why should we use Active Directory? Active Directory where all can it, be used? So let’s start with what is an Active Directory? It has information about all the objects like – users, computers, […]

Know How Domain Redirects Work in cPanel – Hostripples

In the last blog, we have discussed Domain Aliases. In this blog, we will be discussing Domain Redirects. Domain Redirects allows you to redirect one domain to another domain that means you can either redirect to a website or to a specific web page. For Example: If you have a redirect as www.hostripples.net then it […]