The Most Valuable cPanel Plugins

In the unending space known as the internet, you can find almost anything your heart desires. A recipe for the perfect savories, instructions on creating DIYs, and of course — limitless hours of those funny videos and memes. There are tons of amazing things on the web, and if you are one of them making […]

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How to install MediaWiki from Softaculous

To Install MediaWiki from Softaculous MediaWiki can easily be installed by using Softaculous in the cPanel Software / Services. This tutorial will explain how to install MediaWiki using Softaculous. Please follow the steps and install it.   Step 1 : Log into cPanel. Step 2 : Find the Softaculous icon located in the Software Services section. Step […]

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How to Restore a Softaculous Backup

To restore your website from a Softaculous backup, please follow these steps: Step 1 : Log into your cPanel. Step 2 : Under the Software/Services section, Click the Softaculous button. Step 3 : Click the Backup/Restore link. Step 4 : On this page you will see a list of all available backups. Step 5 : Find […]

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