HTTP status code

HTTP Status Code Latest Guide For 2021: Hostripples

When starting the browser from the client a request is made to the web server, which response, in turn, with an HTTP status code in the form of a three-digit string. With this message, the webserver tells the browser if your request has been processed correctly, if an error has occurred or if authentication is […]

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Redirect Domain

Domain Redirect to Subdirectory Without Changing URL: Domain Redirect

The simple way to Domain redirect to subfolder without changing the URL A)  Domain Redirect and keep everything after the URL Show all of the same content on one URL as you would another. For example, if you just changed your domain to, but you still have plenty of visitors coming to, you […]

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Know How Domain Redirects Work in cPanel – Hostripples

In the last blog, we have discussed Domain Aliases. In this blog, we will be discussing Domain Redirects. Domain Redirects allows you to redirect one domain to another domain that means you can either redirect to a website or to a specific web page. For Example: If you have a redirect as then it […]

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