How to Host A Website | Web Hosting Guide for Beginners

If you have a domain, you need a host to host a website aka domain. Web Host gives you a certain amount of storage aka Servers on the Web, where the body of your website, its files, applications, and facilities used are stored. These things are later viewed on the interwebs! Some Extra facilities given […]

How to find the best web hosting plan for your business?

In today’s world, every business needs a website whether it’s small or big. The study has shown that companies with websites have made enormous growth, as we are living in the internet world, where people are looking on the Internet to discover desired products, services, and businesses-even they first check local businesses by searching on […]

MySQL Feature for Changing the Root Password- Hostripples

MySQL Feature for changing the Root Password We can use MySQL Feature for changing the Root Password of the server so that any user will not be able to login as root and it will also help in preventing the hackers who are trying to guess the root password. Step: 1 For that first let’s […]