25 Ordinary WordPress Errors You Shouldn’t Miss It (And How to Fix Them), Hostripples Web Hosting

25 Ordinary WordPress Errors You Shouldn’t Miss It (And How to Fix Them)

Nothing can be more awkward than experiencing an unexpected WordPress error.

Fortunately, WordPress is generally a brilliant bunch with a unique reputation and isn’t likely to accept errors without genuine reason.

It is very frustrating to get an error on your machine and you’re not able to solve it. We know that errors are daunting at first glance, especially to WordPress newbies. It’s like what happened now or did I do anything wrong?

Many questions arise simultaneously, but luckily many errors stem from minor issues that are easy to deal with beginners. Similarly, we will highlight handpicked WordPress errors that as a newbie you should know. 

Let’s begin from the top!

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What is WordPress?

25 Ordinary WordPress Errors You Shouldn’t Miss It (And How to Fix Them), Hostripples Web Hosting

It helps users to manage the website easily and allow them to share the content globally. It is one of the most popular and widely used CMS platforms on the internet.

Originally developed as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved over the years into a versatile tool for creating various types of websites, including blogs, e-commerce sites, portfolios, forums, and more.

Handpicked WordPress Errors:

25 Ordinary WordPress Errors You Shouldn’t Miss It (And How to Fix Them), Hostripples Web Hosting

Certainly! Here are 18 common WordPress errors and how to fix them:

1. White Screen of Death (WSOD):

Cause: It usually occurs due to PHP errors or memory limit issues.

Fix: Increase PHP memory limit, disable faulty plugins or themes, and check for syntax errors in custom code.

2. Error Establishing a Database Connection:

Cause: WordPress can’t connect to the database.

Fix: Check database credentials in wp-config.php, and ensure the database server is running.

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3. 500 Internal Server Error:

Cause: It’s a generic server error without specific information.

Fix: Check .htaccess file, increase the PHP memory limit, and review server logs.

4. Mixed Content Error:

Cause: Loading insecure content (HTTP) on a secure page (HTTPS).

Fix: Update URLs to use HTTPS, and use a plugin to fix mixed content.

5. Scheduled Posts Not Publishing:

Cause: Incorrect server time or issues with cron jobs.

Fix: Ensure server time is correct, set up a cron job to trigger wp-cron.php.

6. Parse Error / Syntax Error

Cause: It occurs when your website’s code has an issue, usually when you’ve added a code snippet with some incorrect syntax known as functions.php file. A message occurs on the screen while loading the page showing the issue and location of it.  

Fix: Access the particular file using SFTP, Review the Code, Check Punctuation, Use an IDE or Text Editor Enable Error Reporting, etc.   

7. 404 Page Not Found Error:

Cause: The requested page or resource doesn’t exist.

Fix: Check permalink settings, update .htaccess, and make sure the page exists.

8. Error Loading Media: File Not Found:

Cause: Incorrect file path or permissions for media files.

Fix: Re-upload the media files, correct file paths, and check file permissions.

9. Syntax Error:

Cause: Incorrect code syntax.

Fix: Review and correct the code causing the syntax error.

10. Memory Exhausted Error:

Cause: WordPress or a plugin exhausts the PHP memory limit.

Fix: Increase the PHP memory limit in wp-config.php or contact your hosting provider.

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11. Connection Timed Out Error

Cause: There are “n” numbers of reasons. A common reason is when your site doesn’t have the resources required for the functioning. Another issue is due to a lot of strain on the server. 

Fix: You can upgrade your plan if such an error occurs.

12. Secure Connection Error

Cause: A safe connection error can take place when your server isn’t configured correctly or the server has got a DDoS attack and isn’t able to connect to WordPress.org.This creates issues in updating the website’s core files.

Fix: You can either contact your web hosting provider or point your server toward WordPress.org through Secure Shell Protocol (SSH).

13. Too Many Redirects Error

Cause: Misconfigured redirects in .htaccess or plugin settings.

Fix: Check and correct redirects in .htaccess or plugin settings.

14. Error: Maximum Execution Time Exceeded:

Cause: A script takes longer to execute than the server allows.

Fix: Increase the max_execution_time in php.ini or .htaccess.

15. The Site is Experiencing Technical Difficulties:

Cause: An issue with a plugin or theme.

Fix: Disable plugins or themes by renaming their folders in wp-content.

16. You’re not able to upload Images

Cause: There might be various reasons for not uploading the images. Such as images can break on your WordPress installation. They may showcase incorrectly after you upload them, or there must be an uploading error for all images. The main purpose of the issue is “incorrect file permissions” or due to hacking of the website.  

Fix: Access the website using SFTP and browse the upload folder > wp-content directory. If it doesn’t work then right-click on it and click on File Permission> Set Numeric value to 744. Click on OK to apply new permissions. For multiple images, the same process is applied to files only

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17. Missed Scheduled Post Error

Cause: The ability to schedule posts ahead of time is a handy feature in  WordPress.  You can schedule your post in advance and publish the automatically at a selected time. Sometimes system fails and an error of Missed schedule occurs next to a post.

This is known as a cron job and the appropriate cron job doesn’t trigger when your post is scheduled. Hence, this leads to failing in publishing and remaining in your admin dashboard until you make it live manually.  

Fix: To avoid such an issue opt for the WordPress plugin “Scheduled Post Trigger”. 

18. Locked Out of WordPress Admin:

Cause: Forgotten or incorrect login credentials.

Fix: Reset your password through the “Lost your password?” link on the login page.

19. Error: cURL Error 28 – Connection Timed Out:

Cause: Server unable to communicate with other servers.

Fix: Check server connectivity, and disable firewall or security plugins temporarily.

20. Error: Maximum Upload Size Exceeded:

Cause: Attempting to upload a file larger than the server allows.

Fix: Increase upload_max_filesize and post_max_size in php.ini or contact your hosting provider.

21. 403 Forbidden Error:

Cause: Insufficient permissions to access a file or directory.

Fix: Check file permissions, and update .htaccess.

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22. WordPress Failed to Auto_Update

Cause: It’s compulsory to update your WordPress site all the time. In managing WordPress hosting, you don’t need to update it manually as it does automatically for you. Sometimes things may go wrong and updates may fail.

Fix: You can manually install the latest version of WordPress using SFTP. Or else contact your web hosting provider.

23. Your connection is not private

Cause: If your website comes across this issue then you can blame to SSL Certificate. SSL is a Secure Sockets Layer. There are various reasons for not working of SSL.

Fix: Look for the expiry date of the SSL Certificate, confirm whether a certificate was issued properly or not, Access the SSL server test for your website, and contact your web hosting provider for assistance. 

24. 502 Bad Gateway Error:

Cause: Issues with the server or a gateway.

Fix: In such a case, you can contact your web hosting provider and ask the support team to monitor the server logs.

25. 503 Service Unavailable Error:

Cause: The server is temporarily unable to handle the request.

Fix: Check server status, and contact the hosting provider.

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Wrapping the Article

WordPress is full of opportunities and rears of errors but sometimes things may go wrong and you need a solution to fix it as soon as possible. This list of errors will help you to sort your errors soon.

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25 Ordinary WordPress Errors You Shouldn’t Miss It (And How to Fix Them), Hostripples Web Hosting
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