(Save this!) Handpicked List of Free AI Tools, Hostripples Web Hosting

(Save this!) Handpicked List of Free AI Tools

Before we used to listen about Artificial Intelligence and its benefits but now, we are experiencing AI. Have you ever thought that soon we will live in the age of Artificial Intelligence?   

AI is everywhere!

You only ask for a thing and it’s there for you sometimes for free!   

We know must be also using one of the AI tools.

Generative AI is a subset of machine learning that belongs to AI models that generate new content (or data) likewise data they are experts in.

Simply put, it’s not only a prediction or decision tool based on training data – it creates new and original outputs that can range from text to images to audio to video, etc.  

This brings unlimited AI tools out for the ultimate satisfaction of the users online. Here, we will highlight the best compiled AI tools you need to know about.

Ready to explore the giant of AI with us?

Make one’s way!

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) and a model called GPT – (Generative Pretrained Transformer) that uses machine learning based on algorithms to produce human–like text. It’s a combination of various internet texts but doesn’t include any specific documents or sources from its training set.

Various versions of ChatGPT are currently available including GPT – 3 GPT – 3.5, and GPT – 4. GPT – 4 is the most superior type of tool that generates countless responses from answering questions and writing essays to creating short stories and poems.   

You must have heard from people about ChatGPT recently released in 2020. There was a buzz in the market over generative AI and its splendid features of highlighting the human language. It’s also believed that CHATGPT can do things like replacing a human customer service agent on various websites to writing films and TV shows. We are unaware of the future of AI but people are trying to experiment with AI tools occasionally.

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When choosing an AI platform for your business, consider the following:

Use Case: Different platforms may be better suited for specific tasks like image recognition, NLP, predictive analytics, etc.

Scalability: Ensure the platform can handle your current and future needs as your business grows.

Integration: Consider how well the AI platform integrates with your existing tech stack.

Ease of Use: If you lack advanced technical skills, look for platforms with user-friendly interfaces or automated features.

Cost: Evaluate the pricing structure to ensure it aligns with your budget.

Support and Documentation: Check for available support resources, such as documentation, forums, and customer service.

Compliance and Security: Ensure the platform complies with industry regulations and provides adequate security measures.

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Excited to move ahead with the explanation of various AI tools?

Yes, then move ahead.  

Free AI Tools for Generating and Editing Video

Looking for a solution to design a high-quality video then think of using AI tools for generating the videos. Those tools are:


Pictory is an AI video generator that helps to create and edit high-quality videos. One of the best parameters of the tool is that you can access it without any experience. It gives smooth editing and designing features to create a video. You can provide scripts or articles and the rest of the work AI will do on your behalf. If you’re a blogger then this amazing feature will help you to highlight your blog post in a video form.   

Due to its cloud-based nature, it becomes easy to work on any computer. In this AI tool, you can edit videos using text for editing webinars, podcasts, Zoom recordings, etc. Yet another feature that Pictory consists of creating a shareable video like reels which is best for promoting on social media.


  • Video-based on articles or scripts
  • Edit video using text
  • Create shareable video highlight reels
  • Automatically caption and summarize videos.


Next in the list is Synthesys which is the top company in developing algorithms for text-to-voiceover and videos for commercial use. You can enhance your creativity level with Synthesys video making like explainer videos and product tutorials within a minute. Synthesys Text-to-Video (TTV) technology is useful to transform scripts into dynamic media presentations. Ahead, it also has a feature called videos with lip–syncing AI video technology.


  • 69 real humatars
  • 140+ languages and 245 unique styles
  • It offers the best tools for explainer videos, eLearning, social media, and product descriptions
  • Easy-to-use interface


For a long time, we have been aware of a popular AI video making called “Pawtoon”. It is a user-friendly online tool useful for developing animated video presentations, either from pre-designed templates or from scratch. You don’t need technical knowledge to create their animations, and the videos are great for educators, marketers, business presentations, etc.


  • 3D Objects
  • Animation
  • Audio capture
  • Audio File Management

Free AI Tools for Generating and Editing Images and Art

Nightcafe (Web):

It is a perfect example for generating text-to-image apps that will give you aww moment by seeing the mind–blowing creation AI can do.  You can type any simple English sentence and Nightcafe will turn into a painting with the help of its AI. You have to log in which is free of cost and can use it.

For creating the new image, you can select from the various artistic styles, including cubist, oil, painting, matte, surreal, steampunk, and etc. You can also select the algorithm and model along with the famous stable diffusion and DALL – E 2, etc.  


  • AI Art Generator that creates unique art in a second
  • Extraordinary AI art community with millions of users.
  • Official daily AI’ Art challenges to test your promoting skills.  


Craiyon is an AI art generator develop by DALL -E. Netizens love the DALL-E 2’s for its ability to turn natural language into images. You can eliminate the sign-up process and can opt for Mini DALL – E an open-source version of the original AL model available for public use.  

The machine monitors descriptions by reading the captions of other images on the internet and applying the same to whatever word you type. You only have to type your requirement and select the image type, enter the Negative words (things that you don’t want in your images), and hit Draw. It will give you 9 unique images made from your text. You can save any or all images to your machine. Like other apps, there are no further enhancements or customizations in Craiyon.


  • It provides advanced customization options, including diverse styles and parameters.
  • It has the exceptional capability to inspect the image’s content accurately and can reproduce with mesmerizing resolution.
  • It allows you to print the creations on t-shirts by placing orders.
  • You can join an active community to collaborate with new artists and share your works as well.

Free AI Tools for Writing and Generating Text


An OG developed by the OpenAI ChatGPT is useful for generating the text.  This AI chatbot uses the power of a large language mode to develop remarkably human-sounding text. You can use it for writing essays blog posts, website copy, articles, etc. GPT – 3.5 is giving free service and GPT -4 is a paid version of AI used for extreme content.  


  • Contextual understanding
  • Personalized responses
  • Multilingual support
  • Text generation


The writer app itself is built with a huge language model to boost the enterprise companies that need a writing assistant for content purposes. It aims to speed up the work among the team with the most secure full-stack platform.  

It generates press releases, blog posts, job descriptions, and even internal documents.  It’s accessible on Desktop apps, Chrome, Word, Figma, Gdocs, etc.


  • Data privacy
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Reliability

Free AI Tools for Music and Sound Generators


Aiva is a popular and most demanding AI that comes with maximum features. It’s designed to compose soundtracks for various media including ads, video games, and movies. Aiva’s technology helps users to develop music from scratch or result in variations of existing songs without any bothering of music licensing processes.
It comes with a variety of presets and specific music formats and the ability to edit soundtracks. Aiva’s versatility and user–friendly interface make it a popular choice among both professionals and amateurs.

• It comes with a functional free version with limited features.
• Ability to edit soundtracks and modify existing tracks


Soundful is easy to customize with a unique blend of simplicity that gives the best music and sound. It’s designed to develop royalty–free background music for your videos, streams, podcasts, etc. The process is easy to follow and straightforward: select a genre, customize the inputs, and create tracks. Follow the same process until you get the right track for your platform.


  • It gives you more control over the music you create with AI.
  • It comes with 50 templates across different genres to start with music creation.
  • It allows customization of beats per minute (BPM) and base notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) in major or minor keys.

Wrapping: It’s time to start AI

AI is the best thing that happens with humans but selecting and using it as per the requirement will bring benefit to the business. Now, you’re the empire of your business. However, making the right decision will open many doors of success and vice–versa.

(Save this!) Handpicked List of Free AI Tools, Hostripples Web Hosting
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