10 Useful Tools for a SaaS Startup

Startups have a lot going on. The companies that succeed are frequently the ones who locate the most productive and compelling SaaS tools to help develop their business and supplant the several staff individuals they can’t afford to hire.

Some are free, many are cheap, and those that do have a higher price tag end up saving a lot of personnel time.

Here, we have tried to hunt down the most useful tools for your web startup and segregated them as per the various verticals of the business. None of the companies listed asked to be on the list, but are worth being there.

useful-tools-for-a-SaaS-startup1. Analytics

Google analyticsGoogle Analytics gives you the digital analytics tools you need to analyze data from all touch points in one place, for a deeper understanding of the customer experience. You can then share the insights that matter with your whole organization.


Crazzy EggCrazy Egg gives you the competitive advantage to improve your website in a heartbeat without the high costs. Crazy Egg Integrates Smoothly With Today’s Website Technologies.


2. SEO

HubSpotHubSpot CRM gives you the power to manage all of your contacts and deals without messy spreadsheets or overcomplicated features and still give you incredible insight into every customer and complete control over your entire funnel. Sync up HubSpot Marketing, and you’ll be able to see which content leads are consuming and understand where they are in the buyer’s journey.


MOZ – The restricted funding of small businesses mean that they stand to benefit more from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than bigger businesses who can afford Pay-Per-Click ads and other forms of advertising. With this in mind, taking advice from one of the most trusted sources for SEO and digital marketing seems like a pretty good idea. Moz can track the performance of keywords and help optimize your site to get the most from organic search marketing. Many of the Moz-tools are free too!moz

3. E-mail Marketing

IntercomIntercom is known for making customer messaging products for sales, marketing, and support teams, connected on one platform. The in-website messages are their most unique feature since it lets you only bother the user when they’re actually on your site. The messaging is really designed to be 2-way, for support and other high-touch communication.
The triggers on Intercom are based on what we call “traits”, properties of each user, and recently they’ve added support for “events”. Triggering based on events is often very valuable.


MailChimpMailchimp is probably one of the most famous SaaS tools on this list and yet poses itself as an essential when it comes to building and maintaining your powerful E-mail subscribers. More than 7 Million users deliver over 500 million E-mails each day to their subscribers through this app. In addition to designing opt-in newsletters to let customers sign up, you can also manage your subscribers by taking a look at their individual profiles, which feature their level of engagement with your business.
Their advance analytics and reporting let you monitor sales and activity on your website through E-mail opt-ins. With complete flexibility over the design and accessibility, Mailchimp is clearly the best app for managing E-mail.


4. Hosting

Hostripples – Simply the best of internet Shared web hosting. More and more people are choosing Hostripples for their website hosting. Hostripples provides reliable, affordable Shared web hosting with unlimited space and bandwidth, high-speed network and hosting with all the features you need. They provide 24×7 support to their customers, whether they are newbies or webmasters. Hostripples! – the only web hosting plan you will ever need.


HostDensHostDens is home to the best talent in the web hosting industry, their expertise, flexibility, responsiveness services ensures that customers stay with them for a lifetime. It offers the best quality cPanel Web Hosting in affordable cost with unlimited Space, Bandwidth, and Features. They use the best data centers, enterprise class hardware, RAID technology and ensure their server has the latest security patches to prevent any data loss or downtime.


5. Support

ZendeskZendesk brings businesses and customers closer together. Zendesk is a customer service platform. It helps companies create customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive. It is affordable, customizable, and allows to provide excellent customer service without needing a huge support team. The smartphone apps are especially useful – you can resolve a ticket while out for a dinner or sitting in an airport.

FreshdeskFreshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that was founded with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great customer service. They make it easy for brands to talk to their customers and make it easy for users to get in touch with businesses.
Over the years they have grown exponentially. Today, Freshdesk helps over 80,000 businesses and organizations around the world offer better, more personal support to their customers.


6. AB testing

Unbounce – Give your growth and marketing team full control of their campaigns without the need to coordinate with coders and engineers. Unbounce allows marketers to build high-converting landing pages in a matter of hours. Create beautiful pages without HTML, run A/B tests, and measure campaign performance with real-time marketing metrics. You can sign up for a 30-day risk-free trial which makes it great for those on a limited budget.


Google Experiments – The Google Analytics experiments framework enables you to test almost any change or variation to a website or app to see how it performs in optimizing for a specific goal.

google experiments

7. Customer Success

GaininsightGaininsight has a significant experience and success in providing Business Intelligence solutions. Their core competency is Business Intelligence and they fully understand what it takes to equip an organization with the right set of tools to extract tangible information and unlock the value hidden in their data in the most productive ways possible.
They will work with you side by side, ensuring they implement the most effective system for your business to yield actionable insights, make informed decisions and maximize return on investments.
They provide simple, efficient, innovative solutions & strategies that will help you spend less time looking for answers and more time driving strategic decisions.


8. Sales

Pipedrive – For start-ups without a standalone sales team and wanting to make the sales pipeline even simpler and easier to manage, Pipedrive’s visually appealing way of putting your sales data is truly effective. You can use the simple drag-and-drop interface to list and view your products based on the sales stage they are presently in. The timeline view of sales pipeline helps you focus better on the important activities and also lets you get back on track to work on deals that are to be closed sooner.
Now you can become your startup’s own sales manager and cut on the large personnel usually employed by big corporations.


9. Social Media Marketing

Buffer – Social media should be at the heart of most marketing strategies, regardless of business size. Buffer is one of the cleanest, cheapest and most user-friendly social media tools on the market. It greatly simplifies sharing and message scheduling, giving you more time to work on the brilliant content you’ll create. Buffer is simple, fast and efficient. You can get a lot of the app’s functionality without losing a dime – always a plus.


HootsuiteHootsuite is one of the most popular social media management platforms for streamlined cross-platform social media marketing. With an intuitive column-based interface, sort updates, scheduled posts, mentions, news feeds and more with each network on its own tab for quick navigation.


10. RSS reader

FeedlyFeedly is a news aggregator application for various web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android, also available as a cloud-based service. It compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others. Feedly has worked hard to provide excellent features in their RSS reader. Many have praised its minimalist design and personalized interface.


These are just a few of our most loved SaaS tools for boosting the proficiency and adequacy of your web-startup. So, what would you add? Any tools that you really like that you think should be added to the list?