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When to upgrade your Web Hosting plan?

When you are making your website online for the first time, you look for best web hosting company to host your website or blog. The web hosting providers host your website as well as provide you various other options which seems efficient for your website.

So initially it is safe to go with the hosting company which satisfies your basic needs and then you can upgrade your hosting plans when the right time comes.

When your website starts to grow, the traffic to your website grows and now the various jobs which you used to do previously will also grow, at that time you need to move to a web hosting plan that satisfies your increasing needs.

When to upgrade your Web Hosting plan?, Hostripples Web HostingVarious situations which should be considered as  a sign to upgrade your hosting plan:

  1. When you experience a change in the speed of your website. For ex. If the down time of your website increases then you will start getting less visitor’s it also means that you need to upgrade your plan . Sometimes the site crosses the disk space limit , it also indicates that you should move to other hosting provider or change the plan.
  2. Initially when site is new, everyone prefers shared hosting. But when the traffic on another site on the server increases it ultimately affects the performance of your site. In this situation you can upgrade to VPS/Cloud hosting as it would not be costly like dedicated server.
  3. When the website starts to grow, upgrading the software in the shared hosting is difficult so it is required to go for VPS/Cloud hosting.
  4. If number of videos/images on your website increases then you will need more bandwidth, so in this case it is required to switch over to VPS/ Cloud hosting.
  5. If your site is related with financial transactions of the visitor’s then you need to improve your security measures. If initially you have opted for a web hosting plan which didn’t provide security features then you should now upgrade your plan and include security features.
  6. In some cases if your email accounts in shared hosting are not getting managed properly or if they are bouncing back then this can be due to the activities of someone else on your shared web hosting server.Then also you need to change your hosting plan.
  7. If another website on your shared hosting is using all the resources then it may cause your website to perform badly. Which would not be good for your business.
  8. Sometimes your hosting provider won’t give the resources which you want then it will be a drawback of using that cheap shared hosting.

In all, if you find yourself in any of the following problems then I would like to suggest you to change your hosting plan:

  1. Activities of other websites are creating problems with your website.
  2. You are getting limited
  3. You are unable to upgrade your server.
  4. Your email accounts are getting problems.

When you want full control and want to focus on your business rather than solving various issues, then it is a time to check various other options.

This will affect your Search Engine Optimization and eventually your website will get low rank, because in shared hosting , the host puts a lot of websites on the server and Google checks if your website has its own IP address or not or is it shared with others.

Suppose your website is taking time for loading for ex. if the loading speed is poor then also it will affect your ranking. It is also not good for your visitor’s. So whenever you are going for a cheap shard hosting all the above mentioned problems can affect your business.

Therefore while choosing a web-host always look for a hot which will be able to fulfil all your needs as you start growing. You can start with shared hosting and then you can move to VPS /Cloud hosting where you will get your own IP address. When your website grows large then you can choose Best Dedicated Server Hosting, where your will have full control over your website and you will able to use all the resources properly.

Cheap shared hosting comes with minimum price and it is affordable to all the small businesses as these are in the initial phase. When business starts growing and when you can afford to pay more then you can choose dedicated web hosting.

Summary: You can start with cheap shared hosting but if you are started getting problems with shared hosting, then certainly it is a time to choose a proper hosting package for your website.

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When to upgrade your Web Hosting plan?, Hostripples Web Hosting
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