cPanel Vs. Plesk, Hostripples Web Hosting

cPanel Vs. Plesk

Most essential part of any web hosting account is Control  Panel. Even a very basic task would not be done without some sort of control panel. The most widely used control panel are cPanel, Parallels Plesk, and Direct Admin. There are some control panel which runs on Linux while some runs on Windows. There are control panels which runs on both the types of Operating Systems : Linux as well as Windows.

If you have your own desktop computer at home, which runs on Windows operating system,  then it doesn’t mean that you need to find a windows hosting company. It means that you will need windows hosting account only if your website requires features that only work on windows. You can also choose Linux hosting account because it will work just fine and with very few changes.

Various versions of the Linux are free and can be install easily but for installing windows on your computer you will need to pay for the license first. Therefore the windows hosting accounts generally needs to pay more.

cPanel Vs. Plesk, Hostripples Web Hosting

cPanel is a program which runs on Linux based web hosting server. Now a days it is used in most of the businesses and also in most of the web hosting companies. It is designed in such a way that it helps you in managing your web hosting account most easily.

cPanel is built with WHM which manages server and reseller part and without  WHM, the functions provided by cPanel would not be utilized fully. cPanel is most popular as well as stable control panel.

You will first need to login to your control panel for that you will require domain name. If you don’t have any domain name pointing to any hosting server then you can use server name. The Dashboard of cPanel is divided into two 2 parts. The left hand panel shows Stats and the right hand panel shows various tools and categories.

These various Tools, categories and the stats will help you in managing your webhosting account. Even if you are not professional then also you can easily set your websites through cPanel.

It offers various features from adding an email to managing domain as well as sub – domain names. Also you can manage the FTP accounts. There are various sections under tools and categories on right hand side of the dashboard which is divided into various sections like File section, Backup management section, Domain section, Database Section, Mail section, Security section, Auto-installer section and Advanced section and also PHP version change.

With the help of each of these sections anyone can manage his/ her website easily.

Plesk is also a control panel mostly available on windows based hosting accounts i.e. it is compatible with windows. It helps you to easily manage various needs of hosting account like emails, applications, files with some add-ons like Developer Pack, Docker Support etc. It also supports unlimited accounts and domains.

Features commonly provided by these control panels are managing email accounts, weblogs, Database Management, User accounts etc. Both of them offers command-line access. cPanel supports installation on cloud-Linux , CentOS etc. also supports Apache, PHP and MySQL.

It is difficult to remove a cPanel as it requires formatting a server and again installing the operating system.

cPanels can easily manage more than one servers where as Plesk doesn’t support multiservers.

Loading speed of cPanel is more than Plesk. Plesk helps in managing server databases like MySQL. cPanels can help in accessing phpMyAdmin, MySQL Databases.

As cPanel and Plesk are both well known control panel with their advantages and disadvantages the choice of best panel between them should be based on features that one nearly accomplishes.

cPanel Vs. Plesk, Hostripples Web Hosting
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