Features to be noted before selecting any web hosting company., Hostripples Web Hosting

Features to be noted before selecting any web hosting company.

Once the designing and development of your website is completed, then the most important part that needs to be completed is to look for a web hosting company which will fulfil all your needs.

I am trying to provide you features which I look for before registering with a web hosting company. I hope they will be helpful to you too.

The typical features which every website owner will look for while registering with a website hosting company are Price, Disk Space, Bandwidth, Domain Service, Technical Support etc. These needs will be different for different owner so let’s discuss them.

Features to be noted before selecting any web hosting company., Hostripples Web Hosting

The first and the most important feature which I look for will be the Pricing of the hosting package. I would like to suggest here that if suppose your website is in its initial stage then while selecting the package one should check the price of the plan on the yearly basis. Sometimes what happens is that the web hosting provider provides the package at cheap price for 1st year or while registering the domain with them. No matter what is your domain, if it is .com or .in or .net it doesn’t matter, but when the time for its renewal comes then they may charge more price from you. So I would like to suggest that you should select the package on the yearly basis.

Next thing which I will look for is the server. If the traffic on your website is less, say if your website is getting around 3,000 views per month, then I would like to suggest you to go for a Shared hosting. Because it is cheap and you can easily share the resources with other websites. Therefore instead of paying large amount at the initial stage of hosting you can host the website at affordable price.

But when traffic to your website increases then you can surely go for VPS/ Cloud Server. i.e. suppose you are getting around 70,000 views then you can go for more robust or powerful server like VPS/Cloud. As you are making money also , so it will be good to pay a large amount for VPS/Cloud servers.

And when the views are above million then you can opt for a Dedicated Server. Here you will be able to use your own configurations.

One of the most important point here is that before signing a hosting package you must know all the services which they are providing to you in advance. If you don’t know them then  would suggest you to consult your friend or anyone who is using a web hosting service.

One more feature which is to look for is a Email management. As E-mail management is most important and is also requires space on the server. In this there comes a crucial part of Technical Support. The hosting provider should provide you a 24/7 * 365 days support as a downtime will affect your website. So consider all this while selecting an E-mail hosting.

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Features to be noted before selecting any web hosting company., Hostripples Web Hosting
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