The Transaction Log For Database Is Full

“The Transaction Log For Database Is Full” Easy Steps to Resolve

Microsoft is a widely used database in windows server, also its be default SQL server with a Plesk control panel which is used on windows base server in hosting industries. Every database has its own property and limitations set when it gets created, many times it happens that these resources get exhausted after a certain […]

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Delete Messages in MailEnable Manually From Outbound SMTP Lined Folder

MAILENABLE is a popular mail application server used over windows based server, compatible with dedicated and VPS hosting. This is a special Mail application server that works perfectly with Plesk and plain control panel too. Sometimes due to any technical faults administrator may need to clear the outgoing mail queue of the server to avoid […]

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How to install Java Application from Plesk?

How to install Java Application from Plesk? – To browse .jsp files directly on a Windows Plesk server is not directly possible the way we access .php files. For that, it is required to compile a .war file and also deploy it on the server. Once the .war files are ready to be installed, you […]

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