Various Methods For Researching Your Target Audience?

How you go about researching your target audience? It’s a question we get a lot. And I want to draw your attention on some of the things that are required to be learned. So I am providing you 3 strategies for doing it.

The first strategy is drawing what you already know. It’s important to be able to harvest the information you have about your target audience from your internal organization already. Now if you are an individual and you are the entire organization write it down but if you have a team, take them, together you can kind of document the insights that you already have like hypothesis. You have about your target audience.

The second way is often overlooked by people. It says to go online and search about your target audience. What can you learn from them? For what you can find in a Google Search, in databases from associations in a variety of secondary sources you will find that begins either to validate some of the things that you thought about your audience internally or show some of them interview questions.

The third way is perhaps the most effective way to actually do some research on your target audience. You can ask them some questions about various topics like how do they go about finding information? What are their key challenges that they are facing? Like this you will find the input to these 3 sources of information together. You will get a much finer way of understanding of your target audience. If you want to go deeper in this topic continue to read this blog.

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, I am going to talk about some really good strategies and techniques to how you can do audience research and gain insights into your target audience? Also to understand your customer and really getting into their heads. This way you can create much more effective marketing and get more results.

One of the most critical strategies in creating a new marketing campaign and advertising are really sort of promotional material to do thorough audience research. It’s important we truly understand exactly who is speaking to you and what their fears, challenges, pains, desires are. Now this is accomplished by putting it together really expensive focus groups and taking best educated guesses about what the consumer wants. Technically internet has made it so much easier for us to guess what are very valuable insights?

It’s around our target audience. Not to mention with so much data available it is really starting to remove the lot of the guess works. So here are really good strategies but how you sort of get into it to add your own customer’s, potential customers online without having to spend the time and money and you don’t even have to have the existing audience insights.

Now the first awesome tool that I want to share with you is “Facebook audience insights”. Facebook offers “Audience insights” as a free tool to advertisers so that they can use the platform. But the best advertising or spending the money on the Facebook platform all you have to create an account that you may haven’t done already. It’s free and pretty easy to setup.

Audience insights is great because what it does is that it gives us some really key information like what are the brands do they follow? What are their online behaviors? And you may find out some demographics like relationships that added like this some really key things that will help in form your marketing.

So the best thing that I want to show you is that a few examples:

Now if you are a B2B or B2C this can be really useful to you. So I will give you some examples:

The first let’s say you have a Health Supplement company. Consider that you sell some supplements to fitness enthusiasts.

So what is required to do is to start >> go to “Facebook Audience Insights”>> skip location, age etc and go to interest’s option >> when you click on interests it will put up some broad categories that you can get even more to find it. Here you will see the fitness and wellness option. So obviously people who are might interested in your product in fitness and wellness. So if you go ahead and click the “+” sign there, that could kind of note down and if you go to information option here you will get some general information.

For example: About 63% of people on Facebook like fitness and Wellness related pages women 37% and men’s like this. It will give you some general information related to it. But one thing that is important here is that about half of the Facebook users who like fitness and wellness are married thus you will get some more valuable information.

Thus you can create contents around marriage and fitness routine. You know this information gets really relevant to your target audience and you can give them much more value. Further is education level, even job titles but another thing to watch if you jump over and click that tab: Page Likes: then you can see other top pages that people who are in your audience or who like fitness and wellness follow. So some of them would be relevant and some of them would be irrelevant. But this gives you ideas of some brands to which we can reach out or just look at those brands and see what sort of content or ads that they are putting out there.

And if it’s working then maybe you can get some idea of what works with your target audience. So you can also see some things here like location. This will help you in sort of showing you the same cities that you do really want to take a look into and then there is an activity where it kind of just gives you an idea of online activities you can see that, of users who like fitness and wellness are important.

So this is really important. So make sure your landing pages are optimized as per mobile. Make sure any videos you create or you can optimize it for mobile meaning you have captions and watching the sound. So you can get into a lot of really valuable insights out of Facebook audience insights.

So let’s say you have got information about each audience and gathered the information about married men’s and women’s in the fitness and wellness. Thus here you can get really specific answers for what you are looking for.

 Now it’s only showing data of people who are married, women who like health and fitness that’s for B2C the same approach is for B2B. You also save these audiences as well. Always choose everyone on Facebook to make sure that you can get information about all people who are connected to your page or if you actually look if you already don’t have any audience. You will be able to look at all of these options on Facebook audience insights.

Suppose if you are B2B and you only serve the same region say, San Diego, then come and choose the city. You can also search by job title’s here under the work section. So maybe if you are speaking to managers and head management this is such a broad category. There are some ways to get around it. You can’t always search directly for the role of people who have ‘this’ job title. But what you can do is come up to inside interests and just sort out what type of people should follow that are in your target audience.

So let’s say you are speaking to CEO, you want to know their business, something like that. You might find, say Forbs is the great option. So if we type Forbs here we can select Forbs and now we are getting some more insights on the people with management titles and who like Forbs and stay in San Diego.

So now that we have our targeted audience here, at least the place to start and have a look and see again kind of where the things lie on the demographics section. You can see some other things. You may see people who look more on their desktop.

That’s the quick review about Facebook audience insights, just dive in and start playing with yourself.

Now another great strategy for learning more about your target audience and really getting to understand their challenges their fears and their desires is its reviews. You can use sites like Amazon and to look at your own company and products as well as the competitors. Once you dive in and start reading these reviews you start to see valuable insights around what initial problem they have and they solved and why did they buy the certain product that they go with certain services and how do they work out? What things work for them, what things that they not like?

You can search this and you will get a lot of insights which you can use it for both marketing field as well as your future product development to better your service.

Now other good benefits of using these techniques are that we start to learn the language of our target audience. Don’t fall into trap of marketer-business owners. We use words like innovation ideation fancy phrases like technologically advance. But the reality is that as you read through reviews about own products as well as competitors you can start to clue in on key phrases that they use.

What the ultimate desire and if we use that same phrase in your own marketing it’s going to resonate with them much stronger because it’s their language.

So I think you find these strategies helpful!

If you have any question or suggestions, please leave a comment below in the comment section below.

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