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Delete Messages in MailEnable Manually From Outbound SMTP Lined Folder

MAILENABLE is a popular mail application server used over windows based server, compatible with dedicated and VPS hosting. This is a special Mail application server that works perfectly with Plesk and plain control panel too.

Sometimes due to any technical faults administrator may need to clear the outgoing mail queue of the server to avoid delaying mails and lower down the disk usage.

To simplify this process here are some useful Steps for deleting messages manually from the Outbound SMTP lined folder.

When MAILENABLE is installed with Plesk panel it may have a different installed location which admin can find from Plesk or from the registry, the default location of MAILENABLE is “”C:\Program Files\MailEnable\”. Admin can open this folder to travel around the configuration files and emails stored in the mail queue. The main purpose of the MAILENABLE is to store all the lined up messages in the directories. In mailenable you will find the separate directories for each connector like Inbound and Outbound sequence.

The inner folder where the MailEnable store the mails are “C:\Program Files\MailEnable\Queues” and under this, you will find different folders too, as an example you will find all outgoing message of SMTP will be stored in “C:\Program Files\MailEnable\Queues\SMTP\Outgoing”.

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In MailEnable all the messages get stored in plain text which helps the administrator to read it and to find particular contents from them. Each file does contain the important information like from whom the mail has received and where it needs to go. MailServer reads all this information to route and delivers those mails. These folder structures also store files equivalent of messages for Messages subdirectory and this directory saves the actual message linked with the routing files. The record name of both the directing and message documents will be the same. MailEnable’s Organization program doesn’t permit the expulsion of messages from lines once their status has been set to “sending” because of this we can’t remove the large messages that have been sent out by the sender.

Steps for deleting messages in MailEnable manually from the Outbound SMTP lined folder:

We need to shutdown the appropriate SMTP connector

Go to the Message-ID of the message which we want to erase.  You may also use search and sort features to filter then and then select it to delete.

 When the message ID/filename has been resolved, erase the message steering record. (for example- C:\ProgramFiles\MailEnable\Queues\SMTP\Outgoing)

Find the substance document from the Messages index which is located at  “C:\Program Files\MailEnable\Queues\SMTP\Outgoing\Messages”  and then remove it.

Once you are done with the above steps we need to start the connection again that procedures the line.

Delete Messages in MailEnable Manually From Outbound SMTP Lined Folder, Hostripples Web Hosting
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