What is Rsync over SSH?

Rsync is a very flexible network-enabled syncing tool. It can also refer to the network protocol developed to utilize this tool.  Rsync stands for Remote Sync. Normally rsync is used to transfer file from one server (source) to another server (destination). Basic Syntax 1)  Create some test files with the following commands: cd ~ mkdir […]

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20+ Switches of rsync in Unix/Linux

* Switches of rsync: 1) -v, –verbose Increase verbosity. 2) -r, –recursive Recurse into directories. 3) -l, –links Copy symlinks as symlinks. 4) -p, –perms Preserve permissions. 5) -t, –times Preserve modification times. 6) -g, –group Preserve group. 7) -o, –owner preserve owner (super-user only) 8) -D Same as –devices –specials. –devices : preserve device files […]

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Command for Rsync over SSH – Unix/Linux

Command for Rsync over SSH   Common Syntax for Rsync: # rsync [options] Source Destinations. Set up a secure backup with rsync + SSH of one system to the other. rsync -avz –numeric-ids –delete [email protected]:/path/ /backup/myserver/ To do the backup, you have to be root on the remote server, because some files are only root […]

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