20+ Switches of rsync in Unix/Linux

* Switches of rsync:

1) -v, –verbose

Increase verbosity.

2) -r, –recursive

Recurse into directories.

3) -l, –links

Copy symlinks as symlinks.

4) -p, –perms

Preserve permissions.

5) -t, –times

Preserve modification times.

6) -g, –group

Preserve group.

7) -o, –owner

preserve owner (super-user only)

8) -D

Same as –devices –specials.

–devices : preserve device files (super-user only).
–specials : preserve special files.

9) -H, –hard-links

Preserve hard links

10) -A, –acls

Preserve ACLs (implies –perms)

11) -X, –xattrs

Preserve extended attributes

12) -a, –archive

Archive mode; equals -rlptgoD (no -H,-A,-X)

13) -q, –quiet

Suppress non-error messages.

14) To specify the file size for sync:


Don’t transfer any file larger than SIZE


Don’t transfer any file smaller than SIZE

15, –delete

Delete extraneous files from destination dirs.

16) W, –whole-file

Copy files whole (without delta-xfer algorithm)

17) -u, –update

Do Not Overwrite the Modified Files at the Destination.

18) –progress

View the rsync Progress during Transfer.

19, Include and Exclude Pattern.



Patterns are expressed in single quote.


20) -e : Rsync over Shell(SSH)


# rsync -avz -e ssh Source Destination 



20+ Switches of rsync in Unix/Linux, Hostripples Web Hosting
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