How to enable key based authentication

Enable key based authentication 1. Generating Keys Key generator is available with Putty to generate private and public keys. You can download PuttyGen from here, download Putty.Gen. 1.1 Open PuttyGen and click on Generate button to create your keys. 1.2 Generate randomness to create keys. The key passphrase option enables additional security. 1.3 Save private […]

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Create yum repository on local machine

Yum repository on local machine If you want to install software/packages after installation of linux  (CentOS, Fedora etc.). You can create the yum repository to install all the software/packages which is present into the instillation CD. When you have try to install software/packages then some time it shows dependencies problems. To fix this problem I suggest […]

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remote linux machine

How to run bash scripts from local machine to remote linux machine

Q. How to run bash script from local machine to remote linux machine ? Ans : We can run the bash script from our local machine to remote machine without login to remote server. We will get the result of some commands on our local machine. The syntax of this command is ssh [user]@[server] ‘[command]’ […]

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