Steps involved in Windows Web Hosting, Hostripples Web Hosting

Steps involved in Windows Web Hosting

Before discussing the steps involved in Windows Web Hosting, Let’s first discuss what is Windows Web Hosting?

Windows Web Hosting:

We all know that Windows is the most popular Operating system. Windows Hosting uses windows as a operating system on their server. They offer Windows specific services like ASP, .NET. These servers are flexible. These servers have a capability to excel in many aspects. Mostly Windows Server 2003 and Windows server 2008 are used. They also provide .NET framework which makes it easy to add special windows applications like ASP.


Steps involved in Windows Web Hosting, Hostripples Web Hosting

Windows Hosting involves ISP and IIS. ISP stands for Internet Service Provider and IIS stands for Internet Information Services.

ISP requires sufficient upload bandwidth : – The bandwidth depends upon the content which you are going to put in your website. If you are going to put high definition pictures or videos in your website then you will require sufficient bandwidth and also a speedy connection. If you are not putting in any videos or images then you will not require a speedy connection.

Static IP : – The ISP assigns a unique address to your location which generally do not change it is called as static IP. Mostly it comes with Business Packages. If  the ISP is not able to differentiate between the business and other essentials, then you need to request for it as a service. Once you received a static IP check that your ISP doesn’t block the port no. 80 and 443, usually they need to be unblocked as soon as you receive static IP. Therefore it is essential to get static IP.

Purchase a Domain : – After receiving a static IP, you will require to purchase a domain name from several domain registration companies. Hostripples is one company which provides this service. Then you are required to point the domain to the selected server. It means point it to your static IP. Thus you are able to host your website on that server. One more important point here is that the hosting server should also have a static IP.

Installation and Configuration of Internet Information System: – It depends upon whether you want to host PHP website or ASP.NET. If you are hosting a PHP website then download the  PHP , required CGI module. If your website requires ASP then is enabled by default , no separate configuration is required to run ASP. Internet Information System can run with PHP.

SSL Certification : – If your website is handling sensitive data like credit card information or any other private information then it is important to keep the web traffic secure and for that you will require an SSL Certificate. It also helps to secure the transfer of the sensitive data over the web, by encrypting it. So the hackers cannot decrypt it. If you want to provide this security to your customers who have registered with your website then, the first thing you will require you is to create a certificate request. This will generate a private key. This private key is also required at the time of signing for a certificates creation. Certification authorities require your common name which should be same as the URL of your website which you are going to use. The certification is valid or not  is decided by this factor. Also enquire your registration authority about the length of your key. If the key length is larger then it will be harder for the hackers to decrypt it. After this, while purchasing the certificate from your hosting provider they will require this private key. Then they will issue the certificate . Attach it to your website.

Routing and Set Up: – Here Dynamic IP is required for the routers. Set up port forwarding. as mentioned earlier your IP and servers IP should be static for pointing your domain. This completes the steps of Windows hosting.

There a lot of people who cannot host their website on their own. They need to take help of a web hosting company.  Let’s see what is web hosting? It a process in which you are renting a space on the server for making your website visible on the internet. It increases the visibility of your website.

They will provide all the premium resources for your website. Thus if you are going with a hosting company then the important aspect of it will that you would be able to concentrate more on your business and the stress of hosting a website will be handled by them. They have their experts who looks after maintenance of the server, your email accounts and also provide 24*7/365 days technical support. There are some hosting companies which provide free hosting and some  provides paid hosting. Some hosting providers also provide domain name registration. In this way the number of visitor’s to your site also increases.



Steps involved in Windows Web Hosting, Hostripples Web Hosting
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