Cloudlinux OS Features, Hostripples Web Hosting

Cloudlinux OS Features

Cloudlinux started in 2009 for the shared hosting companies who wants to provide stable and profitable Linux server. It solves the problems that are most common to the shared hosting providers. One of the most common problem is of Bad neighbour effect.

What is Bad neighbour effect?

Suppose there is shared hosting provider company who has around 100 to 200 customers. one of the customer on the server can create large number of issues for everyone else on the server. It doesn’t matter how powerful the server is and how many customers are there on the server, or how the CPU or how the SSD Disk is , it is going to create a lot of issue. This single customer can bring down the servers completely or it will hack the server due to which your server becomes slow or down and then the rest of the customer’s starts complaining. This is called as the Bad neighbour effect.


Cloudlinux OS Features, Hostripples Web Hosting

One bad neighbor can cause a large percentage of server down time. For solving this problem Cloudlinux  is useful. One of the important use of using Cloudlinux is to remove the bad  neighbor effect. It also helps in making the server stable. Therefore as the Cloudlinux helps in making the server stable, the customer’s know that with Cloudlinux they don’t have to worry about someone else the activities.

Cloudlinux is also helpful in reseller hosting servers. Generally reseller servers are overloaded so the resellers wants to assure that the servers are not at any risk.

The use of Cloudlinux has improved many issues caused in the traditional shared hosting. Like

  • There is a significant drop in number of reboots of the servers.
  • There is decrease in customer suspension.
  • Customer’s does not cause any issues to the server.
  • There is a drop in churn rate.
  • Drop in tickets for performance issues.

The 4 major areas  which needs to be improved in case of  Linux servers are : security, stability, performance and profitability.

Stability: With Cloudlinux you get a highest possible stability.

Security: On shared hosting you cannot become completely stable without being secure. If someone hacks your server then it will affect your security so it is 2nd feature which is to be looked after.

Profitability: The shared hosting providers does not want their customer’s to move to another servers because they are not getting proper resources.

Performance: The shared hosting providers wants a fast server way to do shared hosting.

Cloudlinux helps in improving these situations. Cloudlinux is also compatible with each and every software provided by the hosting providers. Like Softaculous, cPanel etc. Cloudlinux is an exact replica of centOS but with it comes some more features or tools.

If you convert centOs into Cloudlinux then you will get same things as before but you get additional tools which helps in making the shared hosting server extra secure. Which in turn makes your life easier and it helps in making the life of shared hosting providers more efficient.

Core of Cloudlinux comes with plugins for cPanels and with an ability to be with each individual customer with CPU, memory, no. of processes. If any customer is not getting enough CPU uses then also there server will work properly and only that customer will face the server down time. Thus Cloudlinux helps in isolating this one customer from other and thus it will not affect the activities of  the other customers.

Using Cloudlinux you can provide or create any package depending upon how much resources does the customer wants. You can easily identify which customers are heavy users and upgrade them to a more advanced package instead of moving them to a VPS server. You can upgrade their packages and can charge more cost. It will make the customers happy and the hosting providers will also be happy.

The hosting providers can see Live Indicators to check how much resources are used by the customers right now. The hosting providers can also see MySQL gets affected by which customer. They can find out such a customers on the shared hosting servers. When the customers are on the shared hosting servers, the Cloudlinux makes them feel like as if they are not on shared hosting and nobody is seeing their data  on the server. A special directory etc is made which prevents against all link attacks.

Cloudlinux  supports  multiple PHP versions. No more security patches are required for them. Ruby versions can also be selected from the application. It also supports Python. It is best for WordPress, Joomla Hosting etc. It detects duplicate files and sees that only one file gets loaded. opCache is compatible with PHP opcache. Also a 24*7 support is also unlimited and free.

Thus Cloudlinux delivers stability, makes the customers happy.


Cloudlinux OS Features, Hostripples Web Hosting
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