hosting, SSD Hosting – The Blazing Fast Hosting Solution, Hostripples Web Hosting

SSD Hosting – The Blazing Fast Hosting Solution

Are you thinking of taking Shared hosting or dedicated server and wish had an option to choose between HDD and SSD drive, but not sure how to go about it?

If so give some time to read this article. I am sure it will help you to choose the best for your website as per your hosting needs. Keeping up with the technology, you should understand what and how you are going to use this hosting. I am saying this because it plays a vital role in deciding “where to go?”

hosting, SSD Hosting – The Blazing Fast Hosting Solution, Hostripples Web Hosting

If you are going to host something which is rapidly changing and have a high amount of transactions, for example, you have an e-commerce website, forum, database server (recommended SSD) and other stuff which needs the process to be faster, SSD is the solution for your query! The SSD will give you much better I/O. SSD Hosting not only loads pages faster but also enhances any disk caching performance.

The price is an important factor here, at times considered a demerit of SSD Hosting. A low-end 128 GB SSD disk may price about $100 which is equal to 500 GB of HDD. But then, if you run a startup or a business which drives a large number of visitors regularly, SSD Hosting is the right choice for you!

Hostripples is offering you the best deal for your “SSD Shared Hosting” and “SSD Reseller Hosting“.

You can


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SSD (Solid State Disk) = more speed!

SSD Hosting features:

  • Improved performance
  • Improved up time
  • Lower power needs
  • Enhanced disk caching performance


So should you consider going for SSD?

SSD is the next-gen technology, and going for it should be your requirement, and not taken just because you need to keep up with the new technologies. What I mean to say is – you may have database transactions, the customers are trying to do more transactions – then yes, you need to have sufficient I/O for those needs, and you are right in choosing SSD!

You just need to understand what challenges your customers are facing and accordingly implement the new technologies for the customers so that even they value it!

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