Missing a temporary folder in WordPress

Missing a temporary folder in WordPress

Using WHM:

1. Log into WHM

2. Navigate to Plugins >> CageFS

3. Select the user you need to remove from the CageFS and click on “>>”.

4. Then click on “Update CageFS skeleton

Using Terminal:

This can be done in two ways.

1. Either disable and enable user from CageFS using commandline

#/usr/sbin/cagefsctl --disable $username 
#/usr/sbin/cagefsctl --enable $username 
#/usr/sbin/cagefsctl --force-update


2. Follow the steps below which remount cageFS

#/usr/sbin/cagefsctl --remount-all 
#/usr/sbin/cagefsctl --force-update

That’s it!!

Missing a temporary folder in WordPress, Hostripples Web Hosting

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