Mails going under spam/junk folder ?

, Mails going under spam/junk folder ?, Hostripples Web Hosting

Fade to due to mail delivery issues as your mails are always going to the junk folder with the major email providers then please try the following to address this issue.

1. Please check that your message context does not contain more than 1-2 links, and if they do then please check those links at click on lookup url and insert the domain of the links you are using and click search. If those domains appear as BLACKLISTED, then any email sent with those domains will end up being filtered. you must submit a removal request to to get this removed, and until that is completed use another domain for your links or remove that link.

2. please make sure that your message does not contain high risk wording like, million, billion, dollar, rich, free, also do NOT try and cover up these words by using characters that LOOK like the word like D0LLAR5 these get filtered instantly. You can check the score of your messages by clicking on the spam score number in your message list while in your e-responder account.

3. make sure that your email messages do not contain bad or broken HTML. If you have doubts then use a webdesigned or find web design software to help you correct this

4. Make sure that your links are not redirects, in otherwords if you click the link that says and it instantly takes you to website.2com’s website. This is failed cloaking and it’s a filtered practice that results in messages being marked as spam.

This way will help you to resolve the issue.

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