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Log Rotation WHM

Log files can take up a lot of disk space on your server and some operating system versions where your system will lockup if the log files growing greater than 2GB.

In this blog we will configure your server to rotate Apache logs and system logs. This compresses archives or log files. However you will still need to manually delete any unnecessary log files.

Let’s go ahead and login to WHM.

Here we are in the WHM interface.

First we will configure Apache log files rotation. Scroll down to “service configuration” and click “apache configuration”. The Apache configuration interface will appear.

Then let’s click log rotation. The log rotation interface will appear.

Let’s go ahead and rotate all of the logs. Select all of the checkboxes and click ‘Save’. A confirmation message will appear.

Click back. To return to the previous interface.

300MB is a decent size for a log file. But if you want to change that click the link and then the tweak settings interface will appear. Change the setting and then click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the interface.

To rotate the system logs scroll down to “service configuration” and click “cPanel log rotation configuration”. A list of log file names will appear.


Let’s go ahead and select them all. You know how some pranksters will press all the buttons in the elevator and then duck out at the last minute. Well! This isn’t anything like that, go ahead, and click them all! You want to, you know you do..


Then click ‘Save’


A confirmation message will appear. Remember you need to remove or transfer archived log files manually. You want to clean up those archived log files connect to your server via SSH and navigate to following directories.

# cd /usr/local/apache/logs/archive


# usr/local/cpanel/logs/archive

Then remove or transfer the log files as necessary.


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