Introduction to Domain Aliases in cPanel

In this blog, we are going to discuss Domain Aliases. Domain Aliases make your website available from another domain name. In other words, we can say that Aliases are domain names which you can own, but they do not have any contents, but you can use them for pointing to contents of another domain or subdomain on your account.

For example, if you have a domain name then you can make aliases as or which will show the contents of
When you select “Aliases” in cPanel then the following screen will appear :
web hostingHere you can see various options like : –
1. Create a New Alias
2. Remove Aliases

Let’s discuss each of these options in detail.

1. Create a New Alias :
For creating a new Alias enter the new domain name in the “Domain” text box as shown below:
web hostingNote: – It is important to note that the new Domain name should be registered with a valid registrar and should be configured to point to your DNS servers before you can use them as an Alias.

2. Remove Aliases:-
This table shows the information about the Aliases search Alias option along with that it also shows Domain, Domain Root, Redirect To and Actions to be taken on that Alias in the tabular form as shown below:
web hostingLet’s see each of these options in detail:

? Search Aliases : –
If you want to search for a particular Alias enter its name in the search box criteria and click “Go”, the result that matches your search criteria will be displayed in the table.

? Domain Root:-
If you want to open the alias domain name’s home directory then click the link that corresponds to that alias under the “Domain Root” column of the “Remove aliases” table.

? Redirect To: –
1. Click Manage Redirection for the Alias domain which you want to redirect to.
2. Enter the link to which you want to redirect the domain in the given text box.
3. Click “Save”.
4. For Disabling the Redirection, select ” Disable Redirection”.

? Remove Aliases:- 

If you want to remove an existing alias then perform the following steps:
1. Click “Remove” for the domain which you wish to remove.
2. Click “Save” for confirming that you wish to remove that domain.
3. Click “No” if you do not wish to remove the domain.

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