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As the name specifies, in this blog we are going to discuss a new feature in cPanel that is about Subdomains.

Let’s see what is Subdomain?

A Subdomain is a subsection of your website or in other words, we can say that it is a separate and unique website with its own contents but without a new domain name. Existing domain name can be used for creating a memorable URL for the different content area of your site or you can change it to another name. For Ex: If you have a Forum section in your websites then, you can create a Subdomain for accessing Forum section of your websites like or

Here is how the screen of Subdomain looks like:

web hostingIt shows options like :
1. Create a Subdomain
2. Modify a Subdomain

Let’s discuss each of these options in detail:-

? Create a Subdomain:- This option is used for creating a Subdomain.
web hostingFor creating a Subdomain follow the below steps :
? Domain: -Select the domain name from the drop-down list.
? Subdomain: – Enter the Subdomain name which you want.
? Document Root: – Once you select this path cPanel will automatically fill it.
? Click “Create”.

Let’s discuss how to modify a Subdomain: –

? Modify a Subdomain: – This option is used for modifying the Document root, Redirection or for deleting the Subdomain.
web hosting1. Modify a Document Root: –
? Select the Document Root of the Subdomain which you want to edit.
? Select the edit option and edit the document path to which you want to redirect the Document path.
? Click “Save”.

2. Modify the Redirection: –
? Select the manage Redirection.
? For Redirecting the Subdomain enter the link to which you wish to redirect the Subdomain.
? Click “Save”.
? If you want to Disable the Redirection then click “Disable Redirection”.

3. Remove a Subdomain: –
? Select “Remove” option for the Subdomain which you wish to remove.
? Select ” Yes”.

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