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Today we are going to talk about nameservers or you can say DNS. Firstly let’s see What is DNS? and How to connect a domain name to a hosting account?

So, First let’s see what is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name servers. Name servers are computers permanently connected to a internet, to translate the domain name into the IP address, where our files are stored.

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For Ex: – Assume that we have purchased a Domain name from say any ABC registrar and we have not purchased hosting from that registrar. Consider that we are using the hosting of someone else. So in this scenario, we have to go to the settings of our Domain name and we have to update the nameserver details.

Yes, update the name server details, when we will update the name server details, you might want to know who will give us those nameserver details?

So when we purchase a hosting from a hosting provider, then they will provide us with these nameserver details. These nameservers we are going to use at our domain settings to point it to or to redirect it to the IP address where the web files are saved.

For Ex:- When you try to access www.example.com, it will be pointed to the nameservers, these nameservers will then translate the example.com to its IP address and when the files of example.com will be uploaded to the web browser from there, you will be able to see the website on your web browser.

Now let’s look at the steps for setting the nameservers.

Assume that you have purchased a domain from Hostripples-India! and also assume that you have purchased a web hosting from Hostdens.com.

Now, Hostripples- India! will provide you the details related to your domain name i.e. domain name, contact details, etc.

Generally, the hosting provider provides the nameserver details if you are buying the domain name from another registrar. But if you purchase a domain from the same web hosting provider then the nameservers will get updated automatically.

Now in this case, as we have assumed that you have purchased the domain from another domain registrar, the nameservers will have to be updated at the registrar end.

So Let’s now login to hosting account i.e.hostdens.com. You will see all the details related to your domain here i.e. details of your nameservers for your domain and now just change these nameservers details at your registrar end account i.e. at Hostripples- India! account. Once you have entered the nameservers, click on “Update nameservers”.

It will take around 4 to 24 hours to update whenever you update the nameservers. Wait for that much time and try to access the website.

This is the explanation for DNS and how to connect the domain to hosting!

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