Rebuild cPanel User Data Files in 7 steps, Hostripples Web Hosting

Rebuild cPanel User Data Files in 7 steps

cPanel is the most used open-source platform around the world. In the web hosting industry, it’s widely used and also includes various functions that are needed to develop a website.

Likewise, internally it has various technical aspects that need a solution for newbies and sometimes for professionals too.

In this article, you will understand the steps for rebuilding the cPanel user data files in 7 steps:

1- Move the corrupt user data directory to a new location


2- Create a new userdata directory.


3- Run the userdata_update script to rebuild userdata files for all of your accounts.

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/userdata_update –reset

4- Run the fix_userdata_perms script to validate the userdata permissions settings.


5- Run the updateuserdatacache script to update the system’s cache.


6- Rebuild Apache


7- Restart Apache


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I hope you must have successfully rebuilt the user data files with these 7 steps.

Rebuild cPanel User Data Files in 7 steps, Hostripples Web Hosting
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