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Web Hosting and It’s Evolution

Generally, common internet users don’t know how they find out the required information. How they get connected with the rest of the world online? All the information that user accesses on their screens is transferred through the internet and it is stored on the server. The particular web servers and the servers of the web hosting providers are the ones that store the information we see on the computers.

Web Servers:

All the information on the Internet is stored on servers. A web server is a computer that runs specific software that makes it a server of the information it stores. For that information to be permanently accessible, the server must be connected to the Internet permanently through a dedicated data link. A server can be a personal computer or PC or it can be a powerful computer designed as a server. It all depends on how big the website pretends to be. Some websites have more than one server, whose load is shared among all. Sites like Yahoo, Facebook or Amazon, are composed of countless servers all of the great capacity. A small and informative website does not require such a massive and powerful server.

Although a server is small, it must always be connected, so it requires an Internet data channel, modem, and router. A computer should be installed in a room at an ideal temperature, free of moisture and dust. Otherwise, the hardware will be damaged. For this reason, web hosting providers were created that offer the necessary infrastructure to host a website on the Internet without the need to acquire all the equipment required. You can turn your computer into a server and leave your entire site. In this case, it must be left on permanently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But above all, you have to learn how to configure this server and manage the thousands of complications and unavoidable failures.

Web Hosting and It’s Evolution, Hostripples Web Hosting

Client / Server Model:

With the beginning of the Internet and personal computers, a network model called Client / Server became more popular. It was no longer necessary to use those expensive “mainframes” or supercomputers to serve hundreds of users of a network. The processing power of all personal computers on the network was used and a server with a lower capacity than the mainframes were accessed only to use the database. With the advent of the Internet, the scheme changed from the public network. On the Internet, all computers could access all the other computers. It was no longer a star network (from many points to a single point), but a spider web (all with all). From there comes the name “World Wide Web.”

At the beginning of the web, it was common for companies to install the option of the personal web server on their computers and let everyone view the content. The problem arose when the visitors were increased, the load was greater and those computers were not enough since they were also used for internal work in the company. The existing model was not enough to handle the traffic of the site. For this reason, technology gave its next move towards dedicated servers.

Dedicated Servers:

Manufacturers began to market computers specifically designed to serve their files to everyone who required it. This was his main and exclusive purpose. The capacity was greater but a speed problem began. The processing of these dedicated servers was large and saturated communication links. At that time, companies mostly used a telephone line for their servers, an option not recommended due to its low speed and poor performance. Falls were common. At the end of the nineties, the links were still slow (about 128kbps) and the traffic increased. Due to this growing problem, the creation of web hosting service providers began.

Web Hosting Companies:

To solve this problem, web hosting companies were created. They were engineers and visionaries. They thought about offering something new and useful. If the links to the Internet to mount a server are so expensive, why not share the bandwidth, data links and the rest of the necessary hardware? Web hosting companies began to reproduce rapidly. They required a lot of technical expertise. Many of these companies became providers of Internet access. Many of them even offered web design and development services.

At the end of the nineties and the beginning of the new millennium, the speeds were still slow and the hosting companies had problems with excess equipment, which produced overheating and other related problems, such as high voltage. But by that same time, technology changed, speeds increased with the start of broadband. Specialized companies were created, computers were increasingly reliable and technology began to work for the good of the entire industry. It created a business model that worked.

The web hosting situation currently:

Currently hosting companies have created dedicated servers that are called “Data Centers” or data centers. A data center is a dedicated space, used to house computer systems and telecommunications and storage systems. There are data centers that are the size of a building or group of buildings. There are data centers in buildings and occupy several floors. Inside, the air conditioning is accurate. There are temperature and humidity meters. There are frames or stacks with hundreds of servers. Security systems are at an extreme. There is redundancy in everything, in data channels and power systems. Some companies offer up to date reliable web hosting at an affordable cost.

Recommendation:   Be careful with the web hosting company you hire. There must be a great host that supports maximum uptime, 24×7 technical support, and multiple server locations, Security and reliability with cost-effectiveness.

Future of web hosting

In the future, the web hosting industry will see innovative betterments, growth, and speed. Cloud-VPS hosting is an example of a recent industry update, and we will see later how it is in the future.

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Web Hosting and It’s Evolution, Hostripples Web Hosting
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