How a Locale can be Downloaded and Uploaded in XML Format.

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Locale XML Download and Upload

Today we are going to discuss about how a Locale can be Downloaded and Uploaded in XML format.

Let’s see why we need to Download a Locale in XML format:

Suppose you want to edit a locale or make some changes in a locale, offline then it is important to download that locale in XML format. For downloading a locale WHM has provided an interface “Locale XML Download”. Entries for all files which are present in root, also the addons and all the themes are included in it. If there is any local which has been already edited then it will also be present in it.

Now let’s see how to access the “Locale XML Download” interface in WHM:

Log in to WHM >> Navigate to “Locale” >> Click “Locale XML Download” option >> a new interface will appear.

Thus as mentioned above, “Locale XML Download” interface helps you in downloading a locale in XML format.

Now let’s see how to download any existing locale in XML format:

Follow the below steps for downloading a locale:

  1. There is a menu present in this interface which is “Choose Locale” menu from this menu select the locale which you want to download.
  • Then click “Download” option for downloading a locale in XML Localization Interchange File Format which is also called as XLIFF 1.2.


  • If you want to download a locale in a legacy XML format, then it is required to click “Download in original “dumper” format” option.
  • If you want to rebuild the list of locales then click “rebuild the locale databases” option, located at the bottom of the interface. It will take you to another interface as follows:

Now let’s discuss about

“Locale XML Upload”

Let’s first discuss why we need to upload a locale in XML format:

WHM provides “Locale XML Upload” interface for uploading the modified / edited XML file. You can also upload the locale in XML format through the command line script as follows:

`/scripts/locale_import –import=path/to/your/file.xlf`

Once the upload of the locale has been completed, your users can select it from the cPanel interface.

Let’s see how to access the “Locale XML Upload” interface:

Log in to WHM >> Navigate to “Locales” category >> Then select “Locale XML Upload” option >> following interface will appear:


The system will create all the necessary files, if the locale which you want to upload does not exist on your server.

If that locale exists on the server then following actions will be performed by the system:

  1. Core Files: – Only the keys from the XML data are added by the system, if that does not exist.
  2. Local Edit Files: – In these files the system overwrites keys which are present on the server with the XML data and it adds the keys which do not exist.

Let’s see how to Upload an XML File: –

For uploading an existing locale, follow below steps:

  1. Select the “Choose File” option.
  • Choose the XML file that you want to upload.
  • Then click “Upload” option for completing the process.

Let’s see how to upload a legacy file using Legacy Language File Upload:

Legacy Language File Upload

You can access this interface by clicking the link for “You can upload a legacy file via this interface” which is located at the bottom of the “Locale XML Upload” interface.

The “Legacy Language File Upload” interface helps you to upload a third party language file or your own language file.

For uploading this file perform following steps:

  1. Select “Choose File” option.
  • Select the file which you want to upload by clicking on the “Choose File” menu.
  • Then from the “Theme” menu select the required theme which you want.
  • There are two themes “/” and “Paper_lantern”, Let’s discuss their use:
  • /: – This option allows you to upload a root language file, it supplies padding for cPanel interface, if the required term does not exist in the primary language files.
  • Paper_lantern: – It allows you to upload Paper Lantern theme’s language files.
  • Then select “Upload” option. You will receive a confirmation message:

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