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Featured Snippet? Know How You Can Achieve It

Well, many of you have visited here to know how Featured Snippet can help in their website SEO? To make this understand Let’s have a look at how  “Featured Snippet” can be used to enhance your website SEO performance or how you can get your site rank for this “best of the search results” on google search with the help of few examples.

Have you noticed that when you hit enter for your query, the exact answer appears in front of you in a block of organic results? You might be aware of the term Google Zero position or featured snippet when it comes to SEO.

Featured snippets can be a direct answer to your question like a paragraph, a bullet list or a chart, table. This type of search result is evolved to give the best answer to Google searchers. This is very helpful for Search Engine Optimization. As if your site appears in featured snippet then there are higher chances of getting top ranking on Google. It is bigger and bolder arranged in the box that can highlight your result from the rest of the other results. With this invention, no doubt Google shows that its motive is to show its users quick and exact results to make internet user’s life easier.   

Featured snippets were introduced as quick answers early in 2013, they gathered the information from Google’s knowledge bases. Google tries to improve its search results by adapting new and quickest ways to satisfy its customers with satisfying results. So late in 2016 featured snippets came into the picture with the evolution of voice search results.

Main Advantages of Featured Snippets:

  1. They can get more clicks over the other results.
  2. They are more highlighted and visible.
  3. You can appear 2 times on search engine result pages. 

Samples of Featured Snippets:

 Google gives answers to queries, not only in the question-answer format. It can be in the form of a table. For example, if I search in Google for Cheap Web Hosting India, then it will show me the following results in the form of a featured snippet.

Featured Snippet? Know How You Can Achieve It, Hostripples Web Hosting

It can be in the form of definition:

For example when I am looking for the definition of featured articles, then the following results appear on my computer screen. 

Featured Snippet? Know How You Can Achieve It, Hostripples Web Hosting

In the form of an ordered list:

When I am searching for types of coffees, I get the following list of its types.

Featured Snippet, Featured Snippet? Know How You Can Achieve It, Hostripples Web Hosting

There are many other formats of featured snippets such as video snippets, bullet lists, descriptions, etc. I hope, you now got the idea about the looks featured snippets.

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Now, let’s see how our sites could reach featured snippets or position zero?

Featured Snippet, Featured Snippet? Know How You Can Achieve It, Hostripples Web Hosting

1. If your blog or web content contains the exact answer to the user’s queries then there are higher chances that you can appear in featured snippets.

One thing you have been observed in the above screenshots is that the answer to the query is most important. Take the help of Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to check your services or products focused keywords. As per the observation, featured snippets contain those pages that already rank high on Google.  

2. Make a list of relevant queries in your area that could trigger a Featured Snippet.

Ideally, long-tail keywords (four words or more) are searched, have a large search volume and take an interrogative form. For this, you have to perform some homework about what people usually search for? What do your customers want to read? What interesting information you can put about your products?

3. Improve one of your existing content

Create new clear and concise content for the queries whose answer you seem potentially able to generate a Featured Snippet.

4. Do not hesitate to test different ways to present your content

(It can be in the form of a bulleted list, table, video, etc.) because, as mentioned above, there are different variants of display in zero position.

5. Optimize your text, your titles and your images.

To reach 0, remember that the content you create needs to be optimized. Your tables, texts, images, and titles must be correct, structured, marked and hierarchical. Be sure to pay attention to the visuals that appear in Featured Snippets Google, because the image and the text do not always belong to the same URL. Fresh and useful content generally more appealing and there are high chances of its appearance to go into a featured snippet.

6. You have to be the one who responds best!

It is, of course, necessary to answer the question as best as possible, yes! But in the end, how do we do to answer a question?

You must have an article that goes deep enough into the subject, in the details and for that, you must:

  • Break down content into several stages/parts
  • Use images, videos, infographics, etc.
  • Make your article in such a way that even dummies can also understand your article.

7. Check out what your competitors are doing?

Target there keywords and check for those snippets for which they are already ranking.

It is observed that featured snippets still the traffic. Let’s find out why?

Suppose you are looking for a definition of a particular word, which can be one’s top primary keyword but if featured snippet shows me the exact definition in the highlighted box then will I go to the below results? Obviously not, even though your site appears on number 1 on Google search for that keyword. Hence, people usually complain that featured snippets still traffic.

8. Focus on the type of format where you can rank for position 0?

According to snippet types, organize your content. Google search crawlers quickly understand what the user is asking for in the search query. If your answer is according to the requirement of the user then your webpage can be considered as to go for a featured snippet.


With these tips and tools, you now know that it’s possible to target the featured snippet.

Google has implemented these results to improve the user experience and facilitate their search y giving them quick access to the correct answer. You need to have that good answer. Like all the time in SEO: optimize your content. Take this habit and aim for the 0 positions. If you are targeting the featured snippet and you have a first or second place, it does not stay bad, on the contrary! 

If you apply these tips and made the content in such a way that after reading it even your grandmother understands how to use the latest iPhone, you will surely end up in the featured snippet!

Featured Snippet? Know How You Can Achieve It, Hostripples Web Hosting
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