Create your own website, Create your own website with RVSiteBuilder, Hostripples Web Hosting

Create your own website with RVSiteBuilder

Have you decided to create your own website and you are looking for a website designer to create your website?

Well, you don’t need to hire any special person for it. All thanks to RVSiteBuilder – RvSiteBuilder is used to create a website and Hostripples Web Hosting offers an integrated RvSiteBuilder tool with cPanel. So once the client signup with hosting service then he can create his website using this tool. You need to purchase a hosting plan like Shared, Reseller, SSD or any other hosting along with cPanel and you will get RVSitebuilder for free.

With RVSiteBuilder we can develop a professional website in a few clicks. It allows you complete control over your website. You can insert images, photos, videos, and other media files. With the help of this tool, a person can display information about his products and services on his/her website.

Although users are non-technical, they can build attractive sites. Its GUI is very user-friendly that let the users make the use of plugins and build customized websites quickly according to his/her requirement. You can place and install the embedded piece of code right into your website. Today, I am going to discuss the steps required to build a basic website with RVSitebuilder.

1st Step:

Open the cPanel account and enter authentication details for RVSitebuilder.

Go to the homepage of RVSitebuilder and click on create a new website option. Input the information related to your website. You just have to fill up the required information just as an online form. Enter these details carefully as they are going to affect the site’s visibility in search engines. Save the project name and other details like organization name, Business name of the site, Logo, Website Title, and other required information.

Create your own website, Create your own website with RVSiteBuilder, Hostripples Web Hosting

Click on the save button and proceed to the further step.

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2nd Step:

Identify the required template from a variety of unique templates.

There are more than 700 templates available on RVSitebuilder; you can choose your favorite one among them. The main benefit of RVSitebuilder is that while building the website, you are allowed to modify the template in any case. From the available templates if you don’t want to use the template then it is possible to use a specially built template of your choice. For this go on “Create DIY template”. You can download and modify that template and then upload it to RVSitebuilder according to the requirement.

Create your own website with RVSiteBuilder, Hostripples Web Hosting

Save your template and go to the next step.

3rd Step:

In this step, you can work on the presentation of the website.

You can edit the composition and appearance of the template. Add menu bar and upload the details like about us, products, services, contact us pages on your site. Even you can embed code on the site if you are good at coding. You can make the use of web design languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc. Insert images, videos, and other online content about your business services and products through the RVSitebuilder.

Create your own website with RVSiteBuilder, Hostripples Web Hosting

Save the edits to go to the next step.

4th Step:

With RVSiteBuilder, you get WYSIWYG editor. This tool is very easy to use, with the help of this tool you don’t require to learn any coding language for developing the website.

With the help of this editor, you can update the content of the site without any difficulty. You should check the preview of the website when you make modifications to it. You can fix the website’s on-page SEO at this stage, such as setting up a Title tag, Meta description, Meta tags, ALT text for images, etc.

When you are satisfied with your websites look then go to the next step.

5th Step:

The last stage is to publish the site. Just click on the Publish button and check out your end result.


This is just an introduction about RVSitebuilder and how can you build your own basic website. RVSitebuilder acts as the simplest tool for non-coders to build their own websites. I think that with more practice of this tool, you can create professional websites by yourself without a developer. If you have used any other website builder then please share your experience with it.  Additionally, let me know in case I have missed any step of the website building with RVSiteBuilder in the comments below.

Create your own website with RVSiteBuilder, Hostripples Web Hosting
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