Easy Steps to Fix Issues Related to WordPress Website?, Hostripples Web Hosting

Easy Steps to Fix Issues Related to WordPress Website?

I am glad that you have joined me for this long because I am going to show you how to do some CPR on your WordPress website. If your site is not working right? And if you have tried everything you have been on YouTube, you have been looking at all the different videos; you have been trying to search the solutions on Google, and even doing everything that you can do to fix your WordPress website.

Easy Steps to Fix Issues Related to WordPress Website?, Hostripples Web Hosting

I am going to explain you how to give it like one of those things when they take that metal plates and they gives it a shock. I am going to explain you how to do that, to your WordPress website right now!

So what had happened to me about maybe 6 months ago, nothing was working on my WordPress website. I couldn’t update themes right, Plugins wouldn’t update and this was a disaster but I could not figure out what the heck was wrong. I did the database optimization, and I was disabling Plugins to see what works and is causing the problem but nothing seems to fix it and then I thought why don’t I install a fresh copy of WordPress. How do you do that without losing all of your data, and all of your posts and your uploads and all that and that’s what I am going to show you to how this is in this blog!

This blog will explain you how to replace everything in your WordPress website but retain all your posts, all of your pages, all of your media and all of your content, and do you know what, when I did this it fixed all the problems that I was having with my website and man what a miracle! Now sorry for this sentence!

Let’s just get into it. The first thing that you need to do is to go to WordPress .org and download the latest version of WordPress. So go ahead and click on the Download button there and it’s going to download the WordPress installation, Zip and go on your computer and unzip it. So now you will see how it looks like when you unzipped your WordPress what you downloaded.

And this is exactly what your WordPress installation is going to look like. Now we need to modify this a little bit to make this process easy for you. So the first thing that you need to do is delete a file that says wpconfig-sample .php.

Easy Steps to Fix Issues Related to WordPress Website?, Hostripples Web Hosting

Let me just go back and tell you what we were looking at is what you just downloaded from WordPress. Org and then you unzipped the file and then you will see the contents of what you unzipped. We are going to modify this a little bit and then we are going to rezip it and then we are going to upload it to your website.

So you can go ahead and delete this wpconfig-sample .php file and if you are on MAC, sorry you know most of you might be on the Windows machine, but you should be able to fix this out. So Ok now you need to go ahead and delete the wpconfig-sample .php file.

Now your WordPress website was going to overwrite it everything except your wpconfig-sample .php that’s not at all the connection information of your WordPress website to the database. So now we don’t want to overwrite that. OK. Then next thing that we don’t want to overwrite is anything that you find in the wpcontent folder that’s got all your stuff.

It’s got your themes, it’s got your Plugins, and it’s got your uploads. So we don’t want to overwrite that. So go ahead and delete it as well from the list now. Let’s highlight and make a new zip file of all the remaining files and folders that we just unzipped and this is it. So for you just need to right click and choose the compress item and its going to compress them all and make it into this file called archive.

It doesn’t really matter what the file is called, but you know what you need to do is to name the file. Now you need to upload it to your website.

Now let’s go back to the web browser so you most likely have a web hosting that has something called cPanel. It’s the main control panel of your web hosting account and controlling your emails and all that just about everything is going to be in cPanel and just go ahead and login to your cPanel.

Now scroll down to where it says file manager. When you click on file manager it’s going to open a new tab and you must see the contents now. File manager contains all the files on your web host on your website account.

So already you can see some of these folders look familiar. Wpadmin, wpincludes, remember we can see right in our unzipped content the wpadmin, wpincludes and then a bunch of other files. So we are going to do it we are going to now upload that zipped file that we have just created to the hosting account ok!

And what you want to do is just click on upload and it will open up a new tab and then just drag and drop that file right there and the upload is going to start immediately. Now the upload shouldn’t take that long because the archive itself is not that big alright! It will take over 5 minutes and it’s already complete.

So now close this and then try to do a reload run right here. Now you see that the file that you have just uploaded WordPress-wpexample . zip. Now what you want to going to do is a little bit scary part! We are going to unzip this and what it going to do is this is going to overwrite your: wpadmin, it’s going to overwrite your wpincludes and all of the files but it is not going to overwrite anything that is important ok!

Meaning actually it’s not going to overwrite anything that’s going to mess anything up. Ok! So all you have to do to unzip it is go ahead and click on the ‘extract’ button up there and then click extract files and its going to just take a moment and it unzip everything now click on the close button.

Now if you did this on a MAC it always includes this little folder here you can’t see it on a Mac but when you take a zip file you created on Mac and put it on a PC or something else you will see it. So go ahead and just delete this on a windows machine.

You are not going to see it and it does not harm ok! And then you can go ahead and remove these as well as the zip file. So go ahead and delete that zip file also. Alright, as you can see now you need to go ahead and go to this website and make sure it works and you will see its working! The website still works fine.

You will see the landing page so test looking at all the parts of the website it should all work fine. Anyways a lot of these processes are doing is what can happen over time are your file permission something happening to file permissions on the files that make up your WordPress website the permissions can get messed up or something can get corrupted when you do this process should replace all of these files with ones that you know are correct. They are not corrupted they are not having any file permission issues and I tell you when I did this on my website all my problems that I was having run away and this is really like CPR to your WordPress website. So I wanted to make this for all my readers who have been asking for specific help with software issues.

This is something that you can do so that would really get to the nitty-gritty and fix things for you. So alright if you liked this blog go ahead and leave a comment in the comment section below. If you have any questions about it you can ask me through the comment section. Thanks for reading this blog and I appreciate all my readers for reading this blog and thanks again!

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Easy Steps to Fix Issues Related to WordPress Website?, Hostripples Web Hosting
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