What is VueJS?? Brief Overview, Hostripples Web Hosting

What is VueJS?? Brief Overview

Ok! Today I am going to fulfill a multi-requested topic which is certainly making the people for being asked!

This blog is about what is VueJS? Now VueJS is a newish JavaScript framework. Now this is a progressive JavaScript framework. Now at the end of the day what the JavaScript framework did in this regard is that it just in some way adds an interactivity to your page in a some way whether it’s plain JavaScript or you are using a framework like Angular, React or Vue or you are using a library like jQuery at the end of the day it is often building interactivity into your website.

What is VueJS?? Brief Overview, Hostripples Web Hosting

And with VueJS you could drop in a Vue to a single div and add this interactivity or you could build your entire application just like you would react or angular or anything like that.

So a VueJS does take some ideas from all of the other sort of modern JS frameworks, which sort of combines them to a really nice modern mix of different types of ideas. For instance we have the Vue sort of template here, which has a sort of handle bar styled template tags and this isn’t necessarily JSX and not JavaScript and not HTML sort of its own thing right? And if you come from angular line the templates in Vue you are going to be more familiar.

Now we also have a sort of style, where we have an export – default object where we have things like data or computer properties or life – cycle hooks. Now at the end of the day the VueJS is really just a way to build applications or websites in your website in JavaScript.

And the standard react and angular will both find things here that they find familiar or like in particular. People who use the Angular version 1 will find things like the MG4 very sort of analogous to the way that Vue handles for loops. Now let me go ahead and find my movies Vue left. So consider that we have essentially a v-for right is v-for for the movie and movies. This is going to feel very familiar with angular people.

And just like that we also have components with props so if you use React those of you who are using two components based workflows using props will also find the things that they find very familiar, passing in a prop to a component is little bit different but the idea is exactly the same. So you can see an example of some Vue code. Here we have our template which has a HTML and what are called Directives again from Angular folks would feel very comfortable with this then we have things like components.

Next we have our JavaScript part of our Vue file where we can import things from other components, we can set our data, we can have life – cycle methods, and we can have methods that are triggered via actions or via life – cycle methods and stuff like that.

We can have our components that we are using and we can even have things like computer property like give us access to template tag that are really just pretty much anything you want. Whatever it’s modifying props or data in your components or just simply outputting something new.

Now one of the other cool things about a Vue is the way you can use CSS. You basically have your style tags inside of each of your files and you could scope them to directly on your style tag. So friends it’s this style tag you even know not attaching this UL to anything specific or not. Saying ‘Hey this is a particular class we are sending this code to this file and then we say that ‘hey if I use an unordered list anywhere else in my application it’s not going to get styled’.

But if I use an unordered list inside of this component I do know that it’s going to get the styles that are scoped directly here. So there are a lot of really nice built in goodies here.

 And that’s something that I really like about VueJS. It really actually takes care of so many things for you that other frameworks makes you do yourself.

Now if you are a person who likes to do everything yourself, then you have everything super explicit. You might not love Vue. But if you are a type of person who likes to save time and actually you don’t spend a lot of time making things rather than writing a lot of plain code and stuff like that then you are going to definitely like a lot of aspects of Vue.

Now a VueJS is originally created by the avenue as a way to sort of to be modern, accessible JavaScript frameworks meaning you could get up and running with quickly get some real results that also maintain a lot of the things that people really liked about, the modern JS frameworks and again this component is overflows is going to make everyone who has used anything like ReactJS very at home.

So if you are interested in learning more about VueJS you can come to VueJS. org. You can watch it what is Vue, you could get started off with one of the things I love about Vue is that their documentation, API, Cookbook all of this is excellent and on top of that I found there ecosystem part on their site is extremely valuable.

I went on the chat room to solve a problem I was having and in the room there are a lot of people who helped to solve my problem even though I was obviously a beginner at Vue. So definitely the community seemed very very open and definitely the type of community you would want to have around a project like this.

So if you want to learn more about Vue you head over to VueJS .org or the documentation everything is excellent. You would be amazed to see how productive you can be using VueJS once you start learning about VueJS.

So again VueJS is a modern job JavaScript framework so that you can add interactivity to your pages but it’s also the way that you can build full on JavaScript apps whenever everything from writing to animation tools also to the Google stuff.

So if you want to learn more about Vue then log into VueJS .org and try Vue right!

One of my favorite things about web development is interacting with framework people who want to claim and say about too many frameworks whatever like that. It gives you different ideas to how to do things differently so if you are React developer and Angular developer or anything I have to recommend you to try Vue to just give yourself a different perspective and who knows you might even be a little bit more productive with it or you might not.

So again check it out these things and thank you so much for reading the blog as always. See you next time.

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What is VueJS?? Brief Overview, Hostripples Web Hosting
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