Introduction to Zone Editor in cPanel

In this article we are going to discuss about Zone Editor feature in cPanel. In the last article we saw how to use a Redirects feature in cPanel.

Let’s first see what is a DNS Zone?

DNS Zone is a portion of DNS name space. By using zones this allows the DNS namespace to be divided up for the administrative reasons. DNS Zones holds the data that is required by DNS for operating.

cPanel also provides this feature for creating and editing these zone files. As we all know that DNS converts the Domain names into computer readable IP addresses. DNS zone files configure domain names to the correct IP address.

When you select Zone Editor option under Domains section then following screen will appear:

Several different types of records reside in a domain’s zone file. This feature allows you to create, edit, and delete the records like :

  • Alias (CNAME)
  • Mail Exchange(MX)
  • Service Records (SRV)
  • A Record
  • AAAA Record
  • DMARC Record
  • TXT Record
  • CAA Record

On the Zone Editor’s screen you will see an option Domains. Let’s see its use.

Domains :

You can use this option for filtering by the domain i.e. it will show you a list of all the domains in your account if you want, you can select the specific domain for performing various actions.

You can perform following actions:

+A Record :- This option is used for adding a ‘A’ Record for the selected domain

+CNAME Record :- This option is used for adding a ‘CNAME’ Record for the selected domain.

+MX Record :- This option is used for adding a ‘MX’ Record for the selected domain.

+Manage : – It is used for adding or editing additional record for the selected domain. When you click on this option then following screen will appear:

Here it will show Zone Records for that particular Domain as shown below:

Zone Records for “Domain name” :-

In this text box you can enter a particular Record name for that Domain. You will also see a button “+Add Record”.

Add Record :

This feature is used for adding a record . Follow below steps for adding a Record:

  1. Select the +Manage option near the domain.
  2. Select the record type from the drop down list next to the +Add Record option. You will see following list of records as follows:

  • Here first option is Add A Record:- It is the most widely used DNS record. ‘A’ record stores the IP address for a DNS name, i.e. it will map host name to the IP addresses.
  • Add AAAA Records : – The ‘AAAA’ records are used for mapping host names to the IPv6 addresses.
  • Add CAA Record : – These issues certificates for all the domain i.e. it will specify which certificate authority will issue SSL certificate for that domain. If CAA record is absent then a CA will issue certificates for that domain.
  • Add CNAME Record : – These records creates an alternative record or alias for another record. This can also be referred to as a canonical name and thus that is where the name i.e. CNAME came from.
  • Add DMARC Record : – It indicates the action for a mail server to take when it receives mail from this domain.
  • Add MX Record : – A mail exchanger record identifies mail server for that DNS name. It allows you to route domain’s incoming mail to specific server.
  • ADD SRV Record : – A Service Record or SRV indicates the location of specific services.
  • Add TXT Record : – It contains text information for various services to read.

Enter the required information for that record and click “+Add Record”.

Let’s see “Edit” option:

This option is used for editing a record. You are required to perform following steps for editing a record:

  1. Click “Edit” next to the Domain.
  2. Change the information in the text boxes as per your requirement.
  3. Click “Edit” for saving the changes or click “Cancel” for discarding the changes.

Delete a Record:-

This option is used for deleting a record. For deleting a record perform following steps:

  1. Select +Manage option for the domain for editing the record.
  2. Select “Delete” for the record which you want to delete.
  3. In confirmation dialogue box select “Delete”.

Reset :-

For resetting your Zone files to the default setting perform following steps:

  1. Select +Manage option for the domain which you want to modify.
  2. click setting icon and select reset option from it .
  3. Read the warning and click continue to reset your zone.
  4. If you want to go back to the Manage zone then select “Cancel”.


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