How to install MySQL on CentOS 7, Hostripples Web Hosting

How to install MySQL on CentOS 7

From this tutorial onwards we are going to learn about how to install MySQL on CentOS 7.


Before we directly start learning the installation process of MySQL on CentOS 7, let’s first clear the basic concepts like what is MySQL? What is MariaDB? What is the difference between MariaDB and MySQL? What is CentOS?

Let’s  first discuss What is MySQL?

MySQL is  a most popular Relational Database Management System. It supports multiple platforms. It is also an Open Source database Management System. Currently, MySQ is the 2nd most widely used database system in the world. The world’s fastest growing organizations such as Facebook , Google are based on MySQL.

Let’s discuss each of these qualities of MySQL in detail

Open Source : In open Source programs the original source code is freely available for the users who can read, write, or extend the source code as per their requirements.

Multiple Platforms: MySQL is available for almost all the platforms like Window’s, Linux, Mac OS and Android etc. Therefore it is also referred to as Multiplatform database system. We can use the created databases from one platform to another platform and execute MySQL source code on the variety of platforms without any modifications. It also an Independent software package.

Database: Database is an organized collection of interrelated data.

Database Management : The process of efficiently storing, accessing, manipulating and processing the data present within the database is called as Database Management. In simple words we can say Database Management means managing the databases.

Database Management System: It is a system of programs or a software package which is meant to efficiently store, access, manipulate and process the data present within the database i.e. manage the databases.

Relational Database : In relational databases the data is organized in the form of tables / relations.

Relational Database Management System : It is a system of programs or software package which is meant to efficiently store, access, manipulate and process the data present within the relational database i.e. manage the relational database

Each system administrator has to work with MySQL at sometime in a lifetime probably not in a context with : data is lost, or data is corrupted or data is replicated etc. It supports LAMP stack in Web hosting i.e. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. It is the most popular database to be paired with any web hosting package. It’s Fork MariaDB is interchangeable with MySQL. WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal are based on PHP and MySQL.

Let’s discuss what is MariaDB?

MariaDB: It is also a fastest growing open source database. Its been around for 6 to 7 years. More than 12 million people are using it. It is also useful for developers because it has extensible architecture i.e you can build extension to database foe Ex. Storage Engine. It is incredibly secure. It has tons of features which helps the databases and also helps in securing the data. If anything goes wrong then MariaDB corporation has support offering that allows you to keep your database up and running.

Difference between MySQL and MariaDB

MariaDB is the fork of MySQL the reason behind it’s invention was to create a floss version of MySQL.

MySQL is an Open Source program which offers the code through open source which comes under GPL. MariaDB can only use it because it is derived from MySQL.

Support and consultation for MySQL is provided by Oracle and for MariaDB, they have their own support systems.

CentOS 7 : It is Community Enterprise Operating System. It is one of the versions of Linux which provides a computing platform which is free and enterprise class and also supported by community.


For Installation steps you can  check  with following link:

Installation of MySQL on CentOS 7



How to install MySQL on CentOS 7, Hostripples Web Hosting
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