Shared File Systems (Manila) and Managing Security services

The OpenStack Shared file system is a service which helps every case of Compute to utilize the shared file system. It is offered with the help of following selected services: manila-api: It is a Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) application which verifies and directs the requests across the shared file system service and also provides […]

OpenStack Image (Glance): Glance Formats, Glance Status flow, Configuration file, Image, and Instance

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss: Image (Glance). We will also cover the topics like Glance Formats, Status flow, configuration file, and image and instance. So without wasting our time let’s start the discussion! Overview of openstack Image (Glance): The Glance component of an OpenStack is an image service that supports finding, entering, […]

Everything to Know About SFTP– Secure File Transfer Protocol?

In this blog we are going to take a look at SFTP or Secure file Transfer Protocol. SFTP is basically “SSH File Transfer Protocol!” And it transfers the data securely by using encryption. SFTP works as a subsystem of SSH and shares the same port. What SSH is configured for which is port number 22 […]